Look Who Was Just INDICTED By Feds — The HEINOUS Drug-Trafficking Charges!

Those who are willing to commit crimes to enter the U.S. are likely to be willing to commit other crimes to remain here or to finance their living expenses. If only the left would acknowledge this fact, a lot of time and energy could be saved debating the obvious.

Whether it’s drug dealing, sex trafficking, or terrorism, we can expect those who intend to commit such crimes to seek entry into our country by whatever means possible, legal or otherwise. It is the job of law enforcement to work diligently to identify these people and keep them out.

When that doesn’t happen, it’s up to law enforcement to arrest them in the country, especially when they engage in additional crimes. And that is just what happened when 17 individuals, including illegals, were arrested for drug trafficking.

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We are quite capable of generating criminals on our own without importing them from other countries. Yet some do arrive from other nations, hence the fact that a recent arrest of 17 men on charges of drug trafficking includes those who are Americans as well as illegal aliens comes as no surprise.

Those arrested are part of a Mexican drug cartel.

“The arrests and indictments of the 17 defendants were the result of a year-long investigation into a Mexican drug cartel operation that smuggled narcotics into the United States from California to Colorado, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.”

It’s unfortunate that the country of Mexico frequently comes up in these cases, but that’s not by our choice. And it only strengthens the case for securing the border.

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“Of the 17 defendants, 11 are from Mexico, four from El Salvador, and two are from California. Seven of the defendants are considered fugitives.”

In this case “[t]he defendants are alleged to have brought large quantities of cocaine and methamphetamine into the United States through California using secret compartments in vehicles.”

And these drug cartels operating in the U.S. are huge. For example, “[a]ccording to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel is known to be the dominant drug cartel in both California and Colorado.”

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To be the largest drug cartel operating in a state the size of California gives you an ideal of the magnitude of this criminal organization and what law-enforcement personnel are up against.

What is needed is all of our law-enforcement agencies on the same page. The confused and dangerous policies of the Obama administration which promoted lax border enforcement allowed additional criminals to enter the country that other law-enforcement agencies would later have to deal with.

How much more support is needed to endorse the policies of President Trump and Attorney General Sessions?

Source: Brietbart

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