In New Congressional Bill, Commission Would Have Power To Remove Trump From…

The left hates the very idea of a President Trump and dedicated itself to keeping him out of office. He has been under attack from the left since he first made noises about running for president. The outrage and ridicule only intensified when he made the formal announcement of his candidacy. He was the butt of jokes and derision as it became increasingly likely that he would win the Republican nomination. After he did, the left had to take him seriously even if they were willing to openly deny that he had any chance of beating Hillary.

Then he beat Hillary, and whole sections of the left when into meltdown. He was subject to attacks over alleged collusion with the Russians, something the media largely fabricated and finally had to admit was a story without support. The “Fake News” phenomenon was originally created by the left to attack websites supportive of our new president, but became a tactic which he turned against them, famously calling CNN “Fake News” multiple times in public.

Now a collection of Democrats in the House wish to pass legislation declaring that he is not mentally capable of serving as president, thereby triggering Amendment 25 to our Constitution which would give the vice-president the power to remove the president from office. These people on the left see their agenda going doing the drain in so many ways, including appointments to federal courts, that they are willing to reach for almost any tactic to remove President Trump from office.

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“House Democrats are on a mission to educate the American people about a little-known power of the 25th Amendment — the ousting of the president.

“Led by freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, a group of growing Democratic co-signers has put forth a bill that could force President Donald Trump from office if he were found mentally or physically unfit.

“Although it was introduced in April, the bill has gained steam in the past week as Trump’s tweet storms have grown in ferocity.”

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Trump is going after the left using Twitter. In fact, he is infuriating him. And unable to counter his attacks, some members of the left have decided they’ll try to get him declared crazy and thus give the vice-president the power to remove him, in the hopes they can pressure Vice-President Pence to actually do that.

“If successful, the law would create an 11-member bipartisan commission known as the Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity, which would medically examine the president and evaluate his mental and physical faculties.

“Raskin hopes to take advantage of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president to remove the president if he or she has the consent of the majority of the Cabinet or ‘such other body as Congress,’ if they believe he cannot ‘discharge the powers and duties of the office.’ If all goes according to plan, the bipartisan commission could provide that consent after a medical examination of the president.”

In this case, should this legislation pass, can you image the furor and open political warfare that would break loose over the selection of mental health practitioners, and the pressures that would be applied to them? Then the committee would have to review the psychological evaluations. And if all of these folks at least marginally agreed that President Trump was nuts, it would be up to Vice-President Pence to make the final decision to remove him or not.

“But the bill isn’t just about Trump, and it shouldn’t be voted on by party lines, said Raskin, a professor of constitutional law, who said the commission could be called for any president whenever there’s concern.

“‘We’ve got to make sure that we have a president who is able faithfully to discharge the duties of office,’ Raskin said Friday on CNN’s ‘Outfront.’ ‘This is not just for one president — it’s for all of the presidents. And I think we can come together in a bipartisan way.'”

Representative Raskin’s comments are the very definition of disingenuous.  Of course this is about President Trump. His claims to the contrary are a lie. Can you imagine this same group coming up with such a proposal while Mr. Obama were president? It would be branded as racism sponsored by the radical right.

Of course Raskin does not wanted it voted on by party lines. If so, he loses. So there’s another lie.

It is quite one thing to invoke Amendment 25 when a president is injured or otherwise physically unable to serve. That makes sense. But for the House to engage in such an incredibly subjective activity as employing psychiatrists and psychologists to evaluate a president’s fitness to serve because he gets wound up when he sends out Tweets is utterly unworkable.

This is just the next step in the continuing effort by the left to destroy the president and his agenda and should be seen as such and repudiated. Just like CNN.

Source: NBC News

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