Look Who’s Just Been Arrested For Impersonating A Federal Officer

The actions of people are often so bizarre, that it’s difficult to figure out what they must be thinking. Or if they are thinking at all. You just wind up looking at some situations and gawking at the absurdity.

This short story would be one of those instances. We’re talking about someone impersonating a federal law enforcement officer, a serious offense that real law enforcement personnel do not take lightly. Yet people do commit crimes, although you would think that the prospective criminal would be sure that the perceived benefit of breaking the law would greatly exceed the penalty and likelihood of capture.

Not so in this case. A woman named Tara Solem entered a Chick-fil-A in Marietta, Georgia and impersonated a federal officer in order to get a discount on a chicken sandwich. Not a free sandwich or meal. Just a discount. She got arrested.

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“According to Fox 5 News Atlanta, a woman was arrested after attempting to impersonate an undercover federal officer in order to receive a discount at a Chick-fil-A in Marietta, Ga.

“Tara Marie Solem has been indicted with the charge of impersonating an officer, in addition to disorderly conduct. According to police documents, Solem stated she was entitled to the law enforcement discount, but company policy requires an individual to be in uniform in order to receive the discount.”

The uniform rule would be a problem. Solem could probably figure out that the cost of acquiring a bogus police uniform would be more than the discount she hoped to receive on her chicken sandwich.

“She presented a silver badge, but then changed her story, claiming she was an agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, instead of the ‘federal agent’ she claimed to be upon initially requesting a discount.”

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She obviously didn’t have this very well thought out. And she must not have put on a very believable performance.

“She has been indicted and was being held in the Cobb County Jail, but posted a $7,730 bond to secure her release until her trial. A date for the said trial is yet to be determined.”

We were about to observe that $7,730 is a lot of money for just one chicken sandwich. But there’s no information in the story as to whether she even got the sandwich or not.

Once again the question: How many more like her do you think are out there?

Source: Daily Calller

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