Remember Muslim Imam Who Gave Revolting Opening Prayer? What He Did During The Pledge Of Allegiance Will Have You RAGING!

Muslims traditionally have no respect for anything that isn’t Islamic, and they show their disrespect by proclaiming their goal to either convert non-Muslims or destroy them. They are presently working diligently in America to achieve that goal!

When the Delaware State Senate opened their recent meeting with a Muslim prayer recited by a Muslim imam, the Muslim cleric used the opportunity as a way of insulting everything it means to be an American, right down to the Pledge of Allegiance!

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During the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, the Imam did not put his hand over his heart nor did he recite the pledge. To  top it all off, he picked his nose to show his contempt for the country that has given him a home.

From Mad World News:

According to The Gateway Pundit, the Delaware State Senate got more than they bargained for on April 5th, when they invited a Muslim imam to give their opening prayer. Shortly after the death-cult-junkie was done honoring Islamic supremacy in a taxpayer funded meeting, he started picking his nose as the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Mad World News continued:

Many conservatives are referring to the state as Delawaristan after the Islamic nose-picking incident. Why on earth would they allow a man who hates everything America stands for to come and give their opening prayer to a god that commands his followers to kill infidels? The sheer stupidity of these state leaders is almost unbearable.

It just amazes me that these Delaware morons will bow their heads while this nose-picking imam prays to “Allah” for Sharia law to overtake America. It’s almost as if they want to bring the destruction of our country down on us.



The big question is why, Why, WHY would any critically thinking people invite a group into their midst that is dedicated to the VIOLENT destruction of any system, culture, or civilization that doesn’t bow to Allah?

The only answer I can come up with is that liberals are so impressed with themselves, with their evolved and enlightened minds and their good intentions, they are ultimately too stupid to recognize the danger right in front of them.

Liberals honestly believe they will convert a 1400-year-old system of death worshipers to their way of thinking, by using their “values” of all things! Devout Muslims are probably laughing themselves to death over that one!

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Source: Mad World News

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