You’ll Never Guess Who Now Wants To Give Illegals The Right To Vote? Is This Even Legal?

One does not have to look far to see how the effort to destroy national borders and even the meaning of national citizenship has gone. We extend welfare benefits to those who break our laws to arrive here. And we have state and local jurisdictions that are actively working to thwart the efforts of the federal government to apprehend those who are in this country illegally and deport them.

This cannot simply be the result of a liberal fascination with those from other nations and cultures. Satisfying that interest would not be worth all the effort they are expending. Hence there must be more to it. And there clearly is.

This is not a very politically correct statement, and it is one that would make the hair of those on the left stand on end, but the truth must be stated. Illegal immigrants and the government benefits they are given are tools for increasing the number of Democratic voters. It’s just that simple. If that were not the case, why would cities such as College Park, Maryland, a city near Baltimore, be considering extending voting rights to illegal aliens?

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“The city council in College Park, Maryland, which has nearly 30,000 residents, is set to consider the measure Tuesday, which would allow legal and illegal immigrants to vote for city mayor, city council, and issues that appear on the local ballots, according to the Baltimore Sun. It would not allow them to vote for president, senator, congressman or governor.

“Advocates for the charter amendment insist that local elections focus on issues that matter to all residents, including those who are not legal citizens, such as trash collection, snow removal, and other municipal services.”

Sure, we really need illegal aliens’ input on matters of collecting the garbage and how the snow is plowed. These leaders take us for fools.

The operative word is “incrementalism.” We begin with allowing them to vote in local elections. Leadership later just discovers the idea that national issues such as taxation and even foreign policy are important to these illegals as well. So the effort will then be on to grant them the right to vote in all elections.

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Yet, even near Baltimore there is resistance to stupid, dangerous ideas.

“Although College Park City Councilwoman Mary Cook said she would ultimately listen to what her constituents wanted before making a final decision, she said she does not personally support the idea.

“‘On a personal level, I do not agree that non-citizens should be voting,’ she said.”

It’s nice that she opposes this legislation and is interested in what her constituents think. However, she might find herself stuck between blockheaded legislation and blockheads who support it. It’s not an enviable place to be.

How often they collect the trash or plow the snow off the streets in College Park, Maryland is of no interest to the rest of us. In fact, it’s something we’ve never even considered and hope never to consider again.

Yet there is concern over the growing movement to extend citizen rights, not to immigrants who are following lawful procedures, but to illegal aliens who have already shown contempt for our laws by breaking them in order to get into our country.

Should that legislation pass in that city in Maryland, know that the left is on the move to generate more Democratic voters. And they certainly would not expend time and money to push this agenda just so some folks can help select the trash company for some town in Maryland. They are after the the big goal, and the blockheads in College Park are just a very small part of the overall plan.

Source: The Blaze

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