Illegals Are RAGING Against Trump’s Latest Move…And They Can’t Do Anything About It!

The backlog of illegal aliens who should already have been deported has been on the back burner for so long, that the numbers have soared to more than half a million.

Under the Obama administration, the illegal immigration issue was mostly ignored, except for the Democrats efforts to put them on the fast track to citizenship so they would be able to legally vote in upcoming elections. Naturally, the Democratic plan for turning America into a full blown Socialist system involved getting as many poor illegals and other minorities on the public dole as they could in the shortest amount of time.

But President Trump has brought that plan to a halt and has come up with a new way to clear out the backlog of illegals awaiting deportation hearings.

From Right Wing News:

President Donald Trump is focusing his efforts on keeping his promises he made on the campaign trail, and he’s been keeping it up at breakneck speed. By far the biggest promise he made was the southern border wall, and the accordant actions to deport illegal aliens.

As it stands today, the backlog of cases having to do with pending deportations is filled, and has been that way for as long as the Federal government started to ignore immigration policy…

So Trump is now moving to cut the crap, and get right down to getting deportations moving again.

Reports have been given that the Department of Justice is distributing out 50 judges to many of the nations immigration detention facilities. Letters where sent out to many of the judges with instructions on what they were to do.

The department is also looking into requesting that the judges sit from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and share a split-routine workday between two rotating shifts in order to settle more cases.

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Before, ‘expedited deportation proceedings’ were only able to be applied to those illegal aliens that where in the country for two weeks, and no more. But now with the Trumps plan to revamp the system, illegals won’t have the opportunity to take advantage of the flawed time stamp system. Instead, it will be changed to apply to those who have been in the country for up to TWO YEARS.

Over the last eight years, the federal government has allowed the number of cases awaiting deportation hearings to swell to over 550,000 and that is the reason we have a need for a border wall and more border police.

Liberals must understand that America isn’t the world’s sugar daddy and there is a limit to how much welfare we can dispense. We’ve absorbed all the freeloaders we can handle!

Source: Right Wing News

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