President Trump Just Did The UNBELIEVABLE! Illegal Welfare Leeches Are In A Blind Panic!

The old lesson remains true today: The commission of one crime often leads to the commission of another to cover for the first, and on it goes. This applies to the problem of illegal immigration.

Entering the nation illegally puts one in jeopardy of being arrested and deported. Or, at least that’s the law as it’s supposed to work. Illegals who remain here wind up needing to steal Social Security numbers or otherwise circumvent the tax system so they don’t give themselves away. Accessing government benefits is another way they could reveal themselves.

With Obama’s weak approach to our immigration laws, however, illegals had little to fear regarding deportment. President Trump’s commitment to deporting illegal aliens, especially violent offenders, has these people now forgoing welfare benefits designed for American citizens in order to avoid revealing their presence here as illegals.

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We pick up the story in San Francisco.

“According to the San Francisco Chronicle, local Human Services Agency director Trent Rhorer has noted that ‘households with one illegal’ are wondering how much information will reach administration officials if they use food stamps, also known as CalFresh. Eligible families also wonder ‘whether the administration will cut food stamp benefits to immigrants.'”

Welfare benefits were designed and implemented to help Americans over difficult times, not to be permanent components of a way of life, and certainly not something to be used to entice aliens to enter the country illegally.

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“Rhorer is upset by the tension. He said, ‘[Eligible families] are putting their household in further jeopardy of not being able to pay the rent, or not being able to pay utility bills because they have to buy food. These are benefits they are entitled to receive, and they’re playing by the rules. They shouldn’t be penalized by this negative commentary coming out of the White House.'”

But are illegal migrants “entitled to receive” these benefits? How can it be said that “they’re playing by the rules” when they came to the country in violation of its immigration laws?

In once sense, it is difficult to blame the illegals when “Under the Obama administration, [as] Breitbart News noted at the time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture paid to run advertisements in Mexico promoting U.S. food stamps so that when illegal aliens came to the U.S. they would be able to access the benefit.”

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Again, this just illustrates how one crime leads to the commission of another. Obama encouraged illegal immigration by running ads in Mexico offering free food to those who would come the country illegally. Those who did so took advantage of benefits designed for Americans without fear of deportation.

Now that President Trump has announced that he will enforce the laws, those illegal migrants are cutting themselves off from benefits they should never have been given in the first place in a nation they never should have entered illegally.

While Obama is culpable in this fiasco, these illegals should be returned to Mexico where their government should undertake the responsibility of caring for its own citizens rather than looking for the U.S. to do it for them.

Source: Breitbart

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