Illegal Muslim Woman Strikes Deportation Official — Instantly Gets Run Over With Brutal Justice

Illegal immigration and the problems illegal immigrants create are not restricted to the United States. Nations of Europe are being overrun with illegals, and these nations are paying the price for their derelict or non-existent border control and immigration policies. And things are not going to get any better until the leaders of those nations stand up for their citizens by sending those illegals back to where they came from. Laws are written to be followed, not flaunted.

Even the act of deporting illegals is perilous, illustrating the danger irresponsible governments bring to their nations by not effectively keeping these invaders out in the first place. And we have not even touched on the costs incurred in rounding up and deporting illegals.

Danish Minister of Immigration Inger Stojberg got a close look at this danger. A Muslim woman facing deportation attempted to attack this official during her visit to the deportation center where this illegal was being held. In a strange twist, the illegal got run over during her attempted attack. In spite of this, Denmark remains resolute. She will be deported.

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Here’s an example of what the West is up against:

In a bid to prevent her country from genocide by way of replacement population through Muslim migration, Danish Minister of Immigration Inger Stojberg has taken a hardline politically-incorrect stance on Islam and mass migration. Not only has she caused controversy by praising free-speech depictions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, but she has recently initiated mass deportation of failed Muslim asylum seekers.

“While visiting a deportation center in Sjaelsmark to hear the grievances of rejected asylum seekers, the right-wing minister was savaged by an entitled migrant who was outraged that she was denied residency and benefits. During the attack, which was captured on video, the Muslim woman can be heard screaming wildly and clawing at Stojberg before the minister ducks into her vehicle.

“The migrant woman was not only incensed that she failed to get her hands on the conservative immigration minister but was knocked to the ground, run over by the speeding car, and will still be deported as planned.”

The West, including the United States, must stand on its principles and not waiver as liberals are so eager to do. It is very clear to everyone what Western culture is like. That’s not to say it is anywhere near perfect, but it is what it is. And those attempting to immigrate, legally or otherwise, from a non-Western culture know what they are getting into.

If these migrants cannot live outside of a Muslim culture, they need to either stay put or move to another nation where Islam rules. There are many choices for them.

It is not acceptable to enter a Western nation and demand laws and customs be changed to suit Islamic or any other foreign religious or political system. Freedom of religion does not include the right to make such demands on others.

This is only compounded by those who not only wish to overturn centuries of Western culture, but who attempt to do so through illegal migration. They truly are invaders, should be referred to as such, and be deported as Denmark is doing.

Source: Mad World News

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