Illegal Claims Immunity At Court Hearing — What Happens Next Has This Sanctuary City Panicking

The whole idea of sanctuary cities is a preposterous perversion of the law. Either a person can be in this country legally or not. That status does not change based on where in our country the individual is located at any particular time. Yet that’s the situation we have.

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This is nothing more than a group of political leaders within urban centers deciding they do not like applicable federal law and choosing to break it themselves and to assist others in doing likewise. They should be indicted and placed on trial.

Around the leftist politicians enabling these sanctuary cities are civic groups to support the practice. Protesting against federal immigration laws is fine, but assisting in hiding illegal immigrants is not. And illegals who think they can hide out in courthouses, protected by such groups are mistaken as one such individual just learned.

Philadelphia is the scene of the following incident. “An immigrant who has only been identified as ‘Marcos’ reported for his mandatory hearing…in Philadelphia. He had watched as two of his illegal buddies reported to their probation hearings in weeks prior and were subsequently taken away by ICE, but Marcos figured he would show up at court anyway because the city had offered him sanctuary and all.”

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It is not explained why he and his buddies were needing to show up for probation hearings, but we can assume these gentlemen are not consistent assets to the community.

Also present at the courthouse were representatives of the New Sanctuary Movement (NSM), apparently to give support to illegals in their efforts to evade apprehension by ICE officers.

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Anyway, things didn’t turn out very well for Marcos, and the NSM folks were reduced from obstructing justice to acting as just plain ordinary protestors. “About one hour after entering the courthouse, Marcos was apprehended by ICE officials. As he sat handcuffed in the back of a midnight blue SUV, the ICE agents smiled and waved to the NSM advocates as they drove off.”

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Local government officials or elected councils do not have the power to designate areas where federal laws will not apply. If they do, then perhaps some farsighted mayor will declare that no one in his city can be arrested for income tax evasion. It would be interesting to see the outcome of that one.

Source: Mad World News

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