Do You Support President Trump Calling Illegals “Illegal Aliens,” Instead Of “Undocumented?”

During the annoying, politically charged, and politically correct administration of Barack Obama, he ensured that those entering this country illegally would not be called a name as which would upset them. So he came upon the perfect, politically correct term: undocumented.

But thankfully, we have a new sheriff in town, and his name is President Trump. As he works to stop all illegal immigration in this country, he is planning to call illegals for what they truly are: illegal aliens.

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The Department of Justice is now using this accurate description of those who are blatantly violating our immigration laws, but now liberals are having a cryfest over the so-called lack of consideration for illegals and their feelings.

What do you think? Should we call illegals what they are – illegal aliens – and perhaps embarrass them back into their own country?

Make your voice heard!

Do You Support President Trump Calling Illegals "Illegal Aliens," Instead Of "Undocumented?"

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