Americans Are Pissed To Find Out One State Wants To Give Illegal Aliens Free…

President Trump wants to lower the cost of government and liberal states want to increase it exponentially to subsidize all their freebie welfare programs.

This includes paying for LITERALLY EVERYTHING for all the illegal immigrants that they can cram into the state – healthcare, education, you name it.

Back in February, Oregon governor Kate Brown signed an executive order making Oregon a sanctuary state for illegals all in response to the threat of what she called “Trumpism.” Now the state wants to codify the law by passing HB3464. Oregon, the liberal bastion of free public assistance, not only wants to provide all the necessities of food, clothing, shelter, and college education for illegals, but also sanctuary from federal authorities. 

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From Gateway Pundit:

Oregon governor Kate Brown, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, and Multnomah County circuit court judge Nan G Waller were all on hand last week to testify in favor of HB 3464, which would codify Oregon as a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens. This comes after Governor Brown issued an executive order on the matter back in February, in response to Trumpism.

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In Governor Brown’s testimony, she lauded a 1964 bill that:

“made it illegal for Oregon law enforcement agencies from treating Oregonians as criminals on the basis of their immigration status…”

Now the new legislation in HB 3464:

“directs all state and local jurisdictions to NOT gather information about Oregonian citizenship or immigration status when they are not required to by state or federal law. When agencies do have to gather citizen or immigration information, the bill authorizes agencies to keep that information confidential where disclosure isn’t required by law. We don’t want private information about people that we do not need.”

In a partial statement Governor Brown also stated:

 I am deeply concerned and very alarmed by recent anti-immigrant measures undertaken by the federal government. History teaches us not to follow the federal government into public policy that betrays Oregon values. Just upstairs in the gallery, an exhibition documents our state’s regrettable participation in the federal government’s incarceration of Japanese Americans… Oregon should stay true to our values. I respectfully suggest that House Bill 3464 is a step toward realizing Oregon’s aspiration as a welcoming and inclusive place to all who call our state home.”

A main purpose of HB 3464 is to help Oregonian authorities deal with federal immigration agencies, but still provide public assistance to illegals.

From Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum:

“House Bill 3464 aims to end this uncertainty. At its broadest it aims to accomplish two objectives; First, it aims to provide our schools, courthouses, and other public accommodations with needed guidance in dealing with federal immigration authorities. This advice, which will be developed collaboratively, between the public accommodations and my office, looks to provide simple guidance in understanding the rights and obligations we all possess in this area. This is offered with the intent of full compliance with all federal and state laws. Our job is to follow the letter of the law, but to understand that we need go no further.”


So what can we glean from all of the pontificating from Governor Brown, AG Ellen Rosenblum, and all the state judges who are in on the rebellion?

They think that they can thumb their noses at federal immigration laws put into place to protect AMERICAN CITIZENS from having their tax money, their national security, their jobs, and their economic prosperity stolen from them by foreign nationals WHO BROKE OUR LAWS TO GET HERE!

And Oregon state authorities are PRETENDING to obey federal laws while working to get around them!

It would behoove Oregon’s state officials to first act like Americans,k who want to preserve America, instead of a group of rebellious anti-Trump protesters defying every move Trump makes to improve the situation. They must have forgotten they weren’t elected to represent the interests of illegals in opposition to taxpaying Americans. Maybe Trump will remind them when the time comes for another federal handout!

Source: Gateway Pundit

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