ICE Just Dropped Shocking Announcement To Illegals: “There’s No…”

There has been a growing argument about the use of the words, “illegal immigrant,” that have fueled a debate about whether or not illegals should be equated with immigrants. The word “immigrant” (up until the 1970s) was used specifically to describe “legal” immigrants. But somewhere along the way, Leftists had been able to hijack the language, in essence softening the words associated with lawbreakers.

As it is, many Leftists bristle at the word “alien,” commonly arguing that “aliens come from outer space!” As laughable as that is, it stands to reason why they prefer to tame the outrage through selective language; the illegals feed their voter rolls. Like it or not, the joke about “undocumented Democrats” is true and has been proven right on countless occasions, largely ignored of course by the mainstream media.

Liberals will be heading into freak-out overdrive with the newest announcement out of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division this week. The Acting Director has made it clear: “There’s no population of alien that’s off the table anymore” for deportation.

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There could be as many as 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States and 400,000 could be deported this year, according to the acting ICE director.

Thomas Homan said the number could be even higher, but no one in the country illegally should be “comfortable” right now.

Speaking to Neil Cavuto, Homan said those who cross the border illegally can no longer assume no one is looking for them.

“[President Trump] basically told [us] you can now do your job, you will enforce laws on your books. There’s no population of alien that’s off the table anymore and we’ve been waiting on that for a decade now,” said Homan, noting that illegal immigrants who pose a threat to public safety will always be a higher priority.

Homan said if you enter the U.S. illegally, you have committed a crime and the law will be enforced “without apology.” He also delivered a stern message to the MS-13 street gang in a Daily Caller interview.

“My gang is bigger than theirs and we are going to take them out,” he said, adding that the goal is to make good “as much as we can” on President Trump’s promise to arrest and/or deport these gang members.

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Interesting side note: Rush Limbaugh on his national radio show has been asked for many years what his thoughts are about illegals and the granting of amnesty. Many lawmakers over the years, particularly those in the Establishment, have recognized his influence with voters and have rallied for him to “see things their way.”

In a very interesting choice of words, Limbaugh admitted that he would agree to advocate for amnesty with one stipulation. If granted amnesty, said immigrants could not vote for 10 years. Seems a small price to pay for becoming legal, right? Except for the fact that not a single Democrat would sign on for that type of agreement. Makes you wonder.

Source:  Right Wing News

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