ICE Agents Just Did The Unbelievable — Illegals Are In Blind Panic

It would be interesting indeed to look four years into our future to compare the amount of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens during this administration versus the last one. Leftists are very good at deflecting the truth and spinning the alternate facts and fake news in order to create a false narrative of where we are as a nation.

Interestingly, if you listened to the Liberals four years ago, you’d have believed that we had achieved Heaven on Earth. Now, they see nothing but an Eternal Hell. Upon the very day of the Trump inauguration, we could already see the air becoming thick with smog, the sea levels rising, and the polar ice caps crashing into the ocean.

One thing that cannot be spun is the vast differences between the ability of the Trump administration to keep Americans safe from violent illegal fugitives and the Obama administration to keep violent illegal fugitives shielded from deportation. Figures are out and the numbers will humiliate the Obama legacy and send illegals running for the border.

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Conservative Tribune:

On Wednesday, ICE made history when it announced that it had captured its 400th international fugitive of the year back on June 8. In all of 2016, ICE statistics show that the agency caught a total of 406 fugitives. That means the agency is on a pace to double its arrests from the last full year of the Obama administration.

The 2017 total also accounts for almost a quarter of the 1,700 foreign fugitives that the Enforcement and Removal Operations wing of ICE has caught since 2009.

According to ICE, the majority of the arrests that ICE has made this year have been in six states: New York, Texas, California, Florida, Arizona and New Jersey. Shocker of shockers, the first four states mentioned are also the four states with the most illegal immigrants, and all six are in the top 10.

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Of those apprehended, most stood accused or had been convicted of violent crimes, including 121 wanted for homicide, 35 for sex crimes, 18 for assault and 13 for kidnapping.

“ICE works hard every day to protect the American public,” said Matthew Albence, the executive associate director of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, according to The Daily Caller. “Our mission to remove dangerous fugitive criminals from the United States will never cease.”

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Now that ICE has been given more authorization to do at the border what it is specifically in place to do, the resources in excess there have been cleverly shifted to places where these agents are most needed:  sanctuary cities. Woe to the mayor or governor now who stands foolishly in the way of ICE upholding federal immigration law.

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions grapples with the issues of unruly Liberal state lawmakers and wards who are supposed to be looking out for the best interests of their constituents, the Trump administration and ICE agents continue to ensure that the borders are secured. With the conservative justices on the Supreme Court doing their job of keeping activist Left-wing judges in line in regards to the travel ban, we may finally see America climbing back out of the deep, dark hole in which the previous administration left us.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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