Look Where ICE Agents Were Just Dispatched…Illegals Are In A Blind Panic!

President Trump is soldiering on in fulfilling his campaign promise to deport illegal aliens. This, in spite of interference and opposition from open-borders promoting Democrats, sanctuary cities, and some Republicans who cannot figure out on which side of the aisle they sit.

Not only to be easily defeated, President Trump has deployed ICE agents to four states to target illegal aliens with especially serious criminal records. Just the sort of folks we want to be rid of before they have the opportunity to commit further crimes against Americans.

What were the results? ICE nabbed 175 illegals who have committed serious crimes in addition to entering the U.S. in violation of immigration laws.

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For any liberals who might be reading this article, this is what proper law enforcement is supposed to look like. Somewhere along the line, there are those liberals in your midst who have lost their way, and think it is up to law enforcement to usurp the power of the legislature in writing laws. They are mistaken. Followed to its logical conclusion, that policy leads to anarchy and chaos.

Here’s what we know about those who have been rounded up by the latest ICE actions.

“ICE has been working swiftly under the new leadership in the White House, and in its latest operation nabbed 175 illegal aliens wanted on some pretty serious charges in four states — Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey — and Puerto Rico, The Washington Examiner reported.”

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Now read this list, and determine if these are the folks you want as your next door neighbors: “Their suspected crimes include murder, weapons trafficking, sex assault and child sex crimes, according to the Examiner.”

Right. Get them out of this country as soon as possible. And keep them locked up until you do. That is the proper order to be given to law enforcement. Our citizens deserve no less.

And here is a very sensible statement of priorities: “Once that wall (or fence, or whatever you want to call it) is built, and all (or most) of the criminal illegals have been deported, then, and only then, we can all have a productive discussion about what to do about the non-criminal illegals in this country.”

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While referring to people as “non-criminal illegals” might be an oxymoron, the point is to find the violent illegals first and ship them to their home countries to deal with as they present the greatest danger. Then we can focus on those who have done nothing illegal other than enter the nation in violation of immigration laws.

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