You Won’t Believe Who Just Said: “I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!”

The left often portrays conservatives and libertarians as heartless individuals who care about nothing but corporate profits, and no one but powerful business owners. They want much of the middle class, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, to see the Democrats as their saviors, the only ones who are standing between them and the financial slavery and destitution those heartless conservatives would inflict on them.

Nonsense. First, there are greedy politicians in both parties. And secondly, much of the Democratic Party is in the pocket of trial lawyers and major banking interests, two groups that have little in common with the so-called average American worker not to mention the poor. Does anyone really think that Hillary sat up nights wondering what she could do to help the poor? Only if she could have figured a way to get their votes. Otherwise, they were useless to her.

Now we have Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Missouri State Senator who is a Democrat representing an urban district very close to the City of St. Louis, who has called for President Trump’s assassination on her Facebook page. Apparently, she actually thought about what she had just written shortly after making the post, and took it down. However, it was too late as far too many people saw her post before she deleted it.

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“Maria Chappelle-Nadal acknowledged on Thursday that she wrote a post which read: ‘I hope Trump is assassinated!’

“She made the comment in an exchange with a left-wing activist who claimed that his cousin is a Secret Service agent.”

What we have here was a very, very stupid thing to do. Such threats are taken seriously by federal agencies charged with protecting the president. Perhaps she was writing from uncontrolled emotions and shortly thereafter decided to engage her brain and delete the post. But she has now landed herself in hot water, since no one in any position of leadership in American politics can defend what she said.

“It is not clear exactly what prompted Chappelle-Nadal’s comment. But it was likely made in response to a discussion about the ongoing controversy over Trump’s comments about the violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.”

It’s not hard to figure out what prompted her comment: bigotry and hate.

“According to KMOX, U.S. Secret Service in St. Louis is looking into Chappelle-Nadal’s post.”

No kidding? Standard procedure for stupid acts such as this.

“State and national politicians called on Chappelle-Nadal to resign over the remarks, but she says she has no plans to do so.

“Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill [D] said that the comments were ‘outrageous’ and that Chappelle-Nadal ‘should resign.’

“Chapelle-Nadal told the Springfield News-Leader that she regretted her post but said she has no plans to resign.

“‘Hell no!’ she said when asked by a reporter if she will quit her position.”

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No doubt this pathetic excuse for a legislator believes she is entitled to her office no matter a how big of a jackass she makes of herself. She is precisely the sort of individual who keeps racial tensions stoked.

The Missouri Democratic Party can and should get rid of her. It would not be hard. Just run a strong contender and back that person in the next primary. That is if the Democrats really are serious about condemning such violent and hateful rhetoric.

Source: Daily Caller

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