Hypocrite! Obama’s Multi-Million Mansion Renovations Revealed…And He Is Humiliated!

It seems that political elites like to see themselves as being above the lowly voters who put them into the privileged positions they occupied for the length of their term(s) of office and to make it even worse, they always leave office with a lot more money in their bank accounts than they had when they started.

It also seems that the liberals have a plan to tell every American how to live their lives and force legislation to enforce those demands: you must buy health insurance, your kids must eat these types of school lunches, the list goes on and on and on.

So while hard working Americans are being taxed and regulated to no end, these political endeavors appear to be very lucrative.

Such is the case for Barack Obama and his family.

From Mad World News:

The Obama family is set to move out of the White House in just a few weeks, so they’ve been busy getting their lavish $5.3 million D.C. mansion renovated for their arrival. However, local residents soon noticed that something is being added to their enormous home that has caused quite the controversy.

But there is an additional feature being added to protect the outgoing president and his family:

The Daily Mail reports that Barack and Michelle decided to move into a “humble” 8,200 square-foot home in Kalorama so that 15-year-old Sasha can finish out high school at her expensive private establishment. However, that’s not all they noticed.

According to construction permits obtained by celebrity news outlet TMZ, Barack, who ran his presidential campaign with pro-gun control and open borders policies, has hired contractors to build a security fence around the mansion and will upgrade his security detail in a hypocritical move.

Barry “the hypocrite” Obama is a little more cautious about protecting his own personal borders than he was about protecting America’s borders.

Mad World News concluded:

Never mind that the Democratic president urged tighter restrictions to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms. Never mind that he forced communities all over the country to take in unvetted Muslim migrants, then condemned peaceful Christians when said migrants committed heinous acts of terrorism. He just wants to protect his family from thugs who don’t obey gun laws and outsiders who would cross onto his property illegally. Oh, the irony.

It’s hard to disagree with that and I hope he has as much success keeping the fence jumpers out of his property as America has had keeping them out of the country under his presidency, which is none at all!

Source: Mad World News

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