After Muslim Cop Was Caught Killing Woman In Cold Blood, Another Horrid Discovery Revealed

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges was elated to have elevated a very special man to the law enforcement team in her city. She was proud that the very first Somali-American man had become a police officer and he was placed into the limelight almost immediately, without a very thorough examination of who Mohamed Noor actually was.

The Muslim police officer had been on quite a few assignments before complaints began to crop up regarding his rough treatment of women. It wasn’t long before official complaints were filed and soon, it was apparent that Officer Noor’s Muslim faith may be incompatible with the proper carrying out of his Western values occupation as a police officer.

This week, Noor was called to the scene of a woman who witnessed a sexual assault behind her property, only to be inexplicably shot to death by the officer. No one is sure why this happened, but Noor’s body cam was purposefully turned off at the time of the shooting. As it turns out, he was already under three other investigations when this shooting took place. And the mayor has been acting in a very peculiar way.

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Mad World News:

Liberals were elated when Mohamed Noor gained the privilege of being the first Muslim Somali-American officer employed at the Fifth Precinct in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of course, just as Barack Obama being the first “black” president doesn’t imply any sort of qualification to do his job, Noor’s exaltation was heavily misplaced. Now, the rookie cop likely has a murder under his belt. Still, this isn’t the only blemish on his incredibly short record.

When yoga instructor and spiritual guru Justine Damond, who left Australia for the U.S., called the police to report a sexual assault behind her property on Saturday night, she didn’t expect to be the one on the wrong end of a service pistol. While speaking with Noor’s partner through the window of the squad car, Noor, who was sitting in the passenger seat, drew his sidearm and fired several rounds through the window at 40-year-old Damond, killing her almost instantly in front of her “stunned” fiancé, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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Authorities confirmed on Monday that Noor and his partner had deliberately left their body cameras off, which were to remain on at all times during duty. However, perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this case is that when Noor shot Damond, he was still under investigation for 2 other serious complaints, 1 of which involved alleged assault and battery of another Minnesota woman. Additionally, 3 separate complaints were filed against Noor in just 2 years, including a pending lawsuit and a closed complaint that has been marked “not to be made public,” Daily Mail reports.

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Interestingly, it appears that Mayor Hodges has much invested in this issue, as she appears to be obsessed with color and ethnicity. It may be that Mayor Hodges is concerned about all involved, but it seems that a new tack is needed when using Liberal approaches to a situation that obviously requires a more human insight. Drop the color issue and get down to the real answers.

Source:  Mad World News

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