Heartwarming: Homeless Veterans In Northern California Need Help…You Won’t Believe Who Saves Them!

Some of us live in areas where homelessness is not particularly common. Either there are shelters or ministries helping these unfortunate people, or perhaps the area is simply an affluent one where homelessness is just not present.

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On the other hand, perhaps we simply are not looking. Or perhaps the homeless have found themselves shuffled off into their own areas where they commiserate with each other without coming in contact with the bulk of the community. Perhaps some have a glimmer of hope that things might get better. Others, not so much.

However, when we see or hear of a generous act on behalf of someone in desperate need such as a homeless person or family, it can jar us out of our complacency as we are forced to confront the reality of human suffering. Such a story follows.

It began when military vet Kyle Cornwell “noticed a homeless man shivering in the cold on the sidewalk. The man was wearing a military jacket and Vietnam hat. As Cornwell walked past the vet he felt compelled to help him.”

Out of one act of kindness a movement was started. “Cornwell took off the $200 jacket he was wearing and gave it to the man and struck up a conversation. ‘He started crying,’ Cornwell tells Fox News. ‘And I just sat with him for like 10 minutes and talked to him and got his story.’ In that moment, Cornwell knew he had to do something to help veterans. Now, Cornwell is on a mission to help and heal all homeless veterans in his local northern California area.”

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Here’s what his “mission” looks like. “‘I decided I was going to commit myself and my time to helping other vets in my area,’ Cornwell said. Each week, Cornwell goes to secondhand stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army looking for clothing and other essentials homeless veterans might need. ‘I drive around town and spot them. I talk to them and get their story,’ Cornwell said. ‘I want to put warm clothes on them and food in their stomach.'”

When people actually get involved in helping others, instead of assuming the cold hand of government has that responsibility, remarkable things can happen. “Cornwell is asking others to find their own way to serve in their communities. ‘I want this to be a movement,’ Cornwell stated. ‘I want this to blow up and for people all over the country to do this. I can only help so many veterans in my community and others need to step up (as well).’ Cornwell cannot support the cost of helping all the veterans in his community that need him, so he started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for weekly food and clothing donations.”

You can check out his GoFundMe page here:

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It’s the sort of story that makes you wonder what you might be able to do to help a veteran or family in need.

Source: Joe for America

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