President Trump Makes History, And America Collects The Unbelievable $560 Million Windfall

True conservatives look back to Ronald Reagan for inspiration. He believed in the goodness of our nation, and the uprightness of the conservative cause as the most just political philosophy, as well as the one that would bring prosperity to Americans.

He was followed by a Bush, Clinton, another Bush, Obama and now Trump. Neither of the Bush presidents were as reliably conservative as Ronald Reagan, nor do they have as much positive to be attributed to their presidencies. Clinton reintroduced corruption and misgovernment to the nation’s highest office, and Mr. Obama out did him all. Hence it’s quite understandable for conservatives to long for President Trump to govern consistent with the principles and policies of Reagan.

They might get their wish. In fact, in one area, President Trump is already ahead of where President Reagan was at the same point in his presidency. He is clearly outpacing Mr. Reagan when it comes to cutting government regulations and in generating a resulting savings. The amount saved is $560 million to put some numbers on the issue.

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“President Trump is keeping his promise to cut regulations and is on a course to top former President Reagan’s record of slashing the mountain of red tape created by Jimmy Carter, according to two independent reports.

“The Competitive Enterprise Institute said that Trump has issued 58 percent fewer major and costly regulations than former President Obama and slashed the Federal Register, the government’s rule book, by 32 percent.

“And American Action Forum said that the Trump administration has saved $560 million by cutting regulations and meeting its promise to eliminate two old rules for every new one.”

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These are impossible concepts for liberals to grasp. Given that they believe in looking to the government for a solution to every problem, the idea of helping the country by cutting regulations drives them over the edge. Yet that is what is happening here, and it’s unlikely the left knows what to do about it other than to invent some more Russian fables for the media to consume.

“‘As the Trump Administration transitions into the new fiscal year and next phase of Executive Order 13,771, it can reasonably claim net regulatory savings of roughly $560 million under the EO’s first phase. There have been some new regulatory costs, but activity on that front remains at a historically low level,’ said American Action’s Dan Goldbeck.”

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Cutting the size of the Federal Register by one-third is an amazing accomplishment and would be so even if it took an entire four-year presidential term to get it done.

Anytime a president can outdo President Reagan in pressing forward the conservative agenda, he should be admired and thanked. Hence, we offer those accolades to President Trump.

Source: Washington Examiner

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