They Found Him In Jamaica! See Who US Feds Indict For Terrorism Charges

When the FBI is using entrapment techniques to lead Americans into plots of terror that they wouldn’t normally follow, it leads you to believe that by providing vehicles, explosives and cajoling to commit these acts, it is sort of a cheat; that they’re not really disposing of terrorists, but rather creating terror out of thin air and announcing how they’ve thwarted a terror plot here or there.

When they do actually run across valuable information and use that to lead them to a genuine bust of a terror cell or plot, that’s when this all pays off. We’re then speaking about real terrorists with real plans to commit real mass murder. When the FBI unveils a plan of this magnitude, it is something to be proud of and something that should be announced in triumph.

Just recently, in Kingston, Jamaica, a well-known cleric with views so anti-American and anti-Western civilization as to be pure advocacy for murder and mayhem, Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal was arrested and charged with terror recruitment!

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Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

A radical Muslim cleric who was convicted of stirring up racial hatred in Britain was indicted Friday in New York on charges of recruiting potential terrorists.

Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal was arrested in Jamaica, where he had been deported a decade ago.

Jamaica’s Ministry of National Security said el-Faisal was arrested in the capital of Kingston and taken to his house in the nearby parish of St. Catherine, where police executed a search warrant. Authorities in Jamaica said el-Faisal is scheduled to appear later in court, although they did not provide a date. He is expected to be extradited to New York after his court appearance in Jamaica.

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El-Faisal was arrested after a months long sting carried out by an undercover New York Police Department officer who communicated with him by email, text and video chat.

According to the Manhattan district attorney, el-Faisal offered to help the undercover officer travel to the Middle East and join fighters with the Islamic State extremist group.

The 53-year-old el-Faisal was born Trevor William Forrest in Jamaica.

U.S. authorities had long been concerned about him, fearing that he would emerge as a recruiter of marginalized, disaffected youth in Jamaica.

Born to Christian parents, he converted to Islam as a teenager and later left Jamaica for religious study. He preached in London mosques, delivering sermons that advocated war with Jews, Hindus and other groups and the use of chemical weapons to exterminate nonbelievers.

“The way forward is the bullet,” he said in one recorded message.

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El-Faisal is one among many radical Islamic clerics and imams who are dead-set on the destruction of the Western world through bloody conflict and it is more likely to happen now than ever before considering the Liberal policies of the past administrations.

Leftists believe that everyone has a right to be part of the American experiment which has survived and thrived throughout the past nearly 300 years. But with that survival comes the absolute responsibility to be wise and measured with our laws and the applications thereof; for anything else is the destruction of an empire that has served the world and its human condition more than any other nation before or after.

Source: Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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