Hillary Has 1 Savage Message For Women Who Voted For Trump, And It Broke The Internet

Let’s get something perfectly clear about Hillary Clinton before we go into anything else about her new book tour and messages to empower women:

Hillary is an unconvicted criminal. That’s right! She was not convicted, but she is guilty nonetheless.

She lied to Congress, and intentionally initiated an unsecured private homebrew email server so she could dabble in communications that surrounded her and Bill’s Clinton Family Crime Foundation and its illegal pay-for-play activities.

So, when this woman sends a message to Conservative women who support Trump, it’s no surprise that nobody wants to listen.

It’s even more jaw-dropping to learn that Hillary thinks women should be ASHAMED of supporting the President of the United States.

Furthermore, this hypocrite believes it’s actually a matter of self-respect.


“When I see women doing that, I think, ‘Why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? 

Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace, in a community setting?

Do they not see the connection there?’” Clinton told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on AM Joy.

Clinton commented about the Trump-supporting women after Reid asked her about pro-Trump women wearing shirts with profanities directed at Clinton.

The former 2016 presidential candidate added that she thought it was ‘troubling’ to hear about people chanting, ‘Lock her up’ at Trump campaign rallies.

‘It was deeply troubling on several levels, and I try to unpack this because, first of all, it’s not pleasant to be called names and to be subjected to the kind of insults that come across the online media all the time, which we see when women express an opinion,’ Clinton said.


She also called it ‘problematic’ that Trump is not only allowing, but ‘encouraging’ these views to spill over into ‘the public arena.'”

When it comes to a woman personally responsible for the murder of a US ambassador and the sale of most of America’s uranium to the Russians, she’s got a lot of nerve.

Try telling this to the families of the four dead men who sacrificed their lives for the likes of Hillary.

She’s a disgrace and even Leftists are sick and tired of whining about how she “coulda been a contender!” Everyone is aware of why she lost:

Because no one likes her. And here’s a good reason why.

Source: Breitbart

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