Hillary To Be Prosecuted? Look What President Trump Is Doing About It

One theme that has been emphasized in these web pages is that justice is for everyone or for no one. The idea that one can climb high enough on the political ladder to be beyond the reach of the law is deadly. Once propagated and accepted as fact, that belief leads not only to contempt for such persons who seem immune to justice, but it brings the legal system and its parts into disrepute. A society that sees the law as a sick joke is a society in dramatic decline.

Is there any doubt that if a routine employee with top secret security clearance in one of our intelligence agencies were to have done what overwhelming evidence points to what Hillary has done, that such a person would be facing multiple criminal charges? If so, why isn’t she? So far, the only answer is that she is Hillary. That’s not good enough.

President Trump took to Twitter to announce that he is pressing Attorney General Sessions to pursue charges against Hillary and to prosecute her. It is the correct decision. Either prosecute her or pardon every person in prison for leaking classified information regardless of their motivation. Justice for all or justice for none.

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This has been a delicate matter for Trump. “‘If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there’s never been so many lies, so much deception,’ Trump said in the second presidential debate with Clinton.”

After some equivocation, now appears to be the time that he will make good on that promise.

Trump is ready to play hardball. Something at which he should excel given the difficult and intense negotiations that have been a regular feature of his business life.

Sessions may have made remarks indicating that he was unsure whether he should be the one to pursue charges against Hillary given that he opposed her candidacy for president. Well, if the attorney general isn’t the person to do so, perhaps he could indicate who should. After all, he is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. It is not his job to let criminals go free.

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If not supporting Hillary for president would be a disqualifying factor for being involved in her prosecution, that would rule out the majority of Americans, people who either voted for President Trump or who didn’t vote at all. That’s a ridiculous notion.

Attorney General Sessions, do your job and prosecute Hillary. After all, the jury will make the final decision. If you won’t, resign and let someone who is unafraid to do the attorney general’s job take over.

Source: Daily Caller

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