Russian Money Trail UNCOVERED – Revelations Will Ultimately BRING DOWN Crooked Clinton!

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s scheming for years saw donations flowing into their favorite philanthropy, the Clinton Foundation. Now, with hundreds of millions of dollars gone and part of the foundation shutting down, there has been much speculation as to just what those donations were paying for and of course, the origination of those funds.

Naturally, it is easy to assume that access to Hillary, state secrets, and other classified information is what those donations were buying. Clearly, that is about all she had to sell. The donation money certainly wasn’t going to help earthquake victims in Haiti, as the Clintons so proudly claimed.

One of the most notable clandestine deals Hillary Clinton is alleged to have made last summer was the sale of land stolen from ranchers in Nevada and Oregon. This land contains deposits of minerals such as uranium that she sold to Russia for a cool $145 million. And now the truth finally comes out!

Proud Conservative explains:

Hillary’s money schemes with other countries under the guise of Clinton Foundation donations just took another turn with information brought forward by Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash”. Schweizer is calling for a federal investigation for this $145 million scandal.

Hillary is notorious for taking millions upon millions of dollars from the the Middle East, but this time it’s the Russians that wrote the check.

Breitbart reported:

Tuesday on Fox Business Network, “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Breitbart editor at large and the author of “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer said there needs to be a federal investigation into the Russian uranium deal then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved after the Clinton Foundation receiving $145 million from the shareholders of Uranium One.

Hmm…huge corporations and foreign governments buying favors from American politicians. Where have we heard about that before? Just about every election America’s ever had!

Discussing the Clinton Foundation receiving $145 million from the shareholders of Uranium One, he continued, “Look there are couple of things that are extremely troubling about the deal we touched on. number one is the amount of money $145 million. We are not talking about a super PAC giving a million dollars to support a candidate. We are not talking about campaign donations.

We are talking about $145 million which by the way is 75 percent or more of the annual budget of the Clinton Foundation itself so it’s a huge sum of money. Second of all we are talking about a fundamental issue of national security which is uranium — it’s not like oil and gas that you can find all sorts of places. There are precious few places you can mine for uranium, in the United States is one of those areas. And number three we are talking about the Russian government.

A lot of people don’t realize it now, in parts of the Midwest American soil is owned by Vladimir Putin’s government because this deal went through. And in addition to the $145 million Bill Clinton got half a billion dollars, $500,000 for a 20-minute speech from a Russian investment bank tied to the Kremlin, two months before the State Department signed off on this deal. It just stinks to high heaven and I think it requires a major investigation by the federal government.”

He added, “Everyone knows the reason that money flows to politicians is people want something in return. And particularly when you are talking about overseas in places like Nigeria or Russia or the United Arab Emirates. Those political cultures are rife with pay off and corruption. And to think that you have got a Nigerian businessmen pledging $1 billion with a B to the Clinton Global Initiative that he wants nothing from the Clinton in return is just laughable. I think the American people recognize that there is a pay to play system in Washington and that’s why you are seeing this rebellion against money in politics.”

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Draining the DC swamp of corruption is looking like a very tall order for President Trump, because he’s taking on a whole realm of globalist elites all over the world. People that the Clintons from which have been receiving donation money, and they are well prepared for whatever Trump may throw at them.

It’s high time for the Clintons to be jailed and prosecuted for the criminals they are. Can Trump do it, or will the Clinton gang of zombie koolaid drinkers and media hacks just trot out more “fake news” about Trump’s “Russian hacking” narrative?

Watch out folks! We’re being distracted from the REAL scandal again by the criminal scandal mongers themselves!

It’s all just smoke and mirrors from the LYING LIBERAL LOONEYS!

Source: Proud Conservative

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