Hillary Steps WAY Over The Line, Says President Trump Might Actually Murder…

In her newest book, “Who Else is Left to Blame?” Hillary Clinton makes many different accusations about who, ultimately, was to blame for her humiliating loss.

The woman’s blame list is the equivalent of a bucket list, except in this case, these are people she’s not yet proven to have been absolutely guilty of blame.

It doesn’t stop her from trying though.

In an interview yesterday, she managed to demonstrate her complete lack of uttering a single original thought and showing her ignorance when it comes to recognizing that even the Leftists don’t care about her opinions.

The interviewer, noted Socialist and Rightwing hater, Charlie Rose, was very kind in his softballs and sympathetic nods and frowning at the appropriate moments.

When he asked her about Trump, she suddenly became animated (this must have been the moment for which she had practiced in the mirror) and began to compare our president to Vladimir Putin.

At one point, she even mused that she hoped that he was not ordering the deaths of people in the media!

Washington Free Beacon:

“Hillary Clinton said Monday on Bloomberg News that President Donald Trump has ‘tendencies toward authoritarianism,’ adding that she hopes he has not ‘ordered the killing of people and journalists’ as Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of doing.

During a conversation with Charlie Rose, she compared Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose relationship with Trump has particularly drawn scrutiny from Democrats and the media.

Clinton discussed her ideas on Trump’s view of democracy, saying she ‘hopes’ the president is not exactly like Putin in every way.

‘He’s an authoritarian?’ Rose asked.

‘He has tendencies toward authoritarianism,’ Clinton answered.

‘So, he’s no different than Putin?’ Rose asked.

Clinton did not say Trump was different from the Russian autocrat, instead saying he ‘hopefully’ does not commit the same crimes as Putin.

‘Well, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,’ Clinton replied.

The saddest part about this whole exchange is that Hillary is operating under the pretense that America agrees with her.

She falls under the delusional perception that her own kind in the media will stand up and cheer. As it is, her book has been notably panned by even the normally adulating Huffington Post.

With the newest allegation by the Electoral Integrity Commission being that the New Hampshire election in 2016 may have been stolen by the Democrats because of out-of-state and illegal voting, there’s a tidal wave of negative issues out there.

Maybe they’ll eventually sweep this woman away with her garbage. Let’s hope it’s very soon.

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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