The Real Reason Comey Let Hillary Off The Hook REVEALED – He’s DONE!

No one could have predicted all the twists and turns that have taken over the last several months in American politics. This includes both before, during, and in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s surprising (to the Liberals) win in the presidential election of 2016.

Every hint of a scandal and every new revelation takes us down another rabbit hole of mystery and intrigue. We have been watching the machinations of the Washington DC insider elites dodge and weave to avoid being knocked out by the latest, newest investigation.

Hillary Clinton is an expert at avoiding the pitfalls of accountability for her actions and FBI Director James Comey knows that fact only too well. But why did he let her off the hook?

From Allen B West:

Some day a thriller of a book will be written about Donald Trump’s election, and the widespread efforts to undermine and delegitimize his presidency. To paraphrase the ancient (Chinese?) curse, we are certainly living in “interesting times.”

It’s safe to say not a single one of you reading this has ever seen anything like this in your lifetime — and we’re all on this ride together. The problem is, it doesn’t look like we can get off either.

Many were disappointed a few months ago when FBI Director James Comey held a press conference to reveal what he’d learned about Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her handling of classified information.

As he laid out the various transgressions Clinton had committed, it seemed a slam dunk that he would conclude she should be prosecuted. But then…after all that, he folded.

Now as smoking gun after smoking gun appears regarding the possibility of illegal wire taps and surveillance on members of the Trump team and even the president himself, a new theory is emerging as to why Comey caved.

via Gateway Pundit:

Blackmail is one of the most effective tools to control people in power, especially politicians. Is this why Comey didn’t recommend charges for Hillary Clinton on the email investigation? If Hillary was aware of the FBI wiretapping, she could use that as blackmail against Comey.

Yesterday, TGP reported that FBI Director Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s wiretapping claim. Did he order the wiretap?

It appears that Hillary Clinton was aware of the wiretap because she tweeted about it one week before the election.

So, ultimately, Hillary got a free pass because she had the goods on Director Comey. He did what any normal person would do in that situation, he covered his own backside by letting Hillary skate.

Meh! That’s politics in America in 2016. Now that Trump is in the White House, hopefully it will get better in 2017 while he continues to drain the swamp.

Source: Allen B West

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