GUILTY? Hillary Could Be Heading To Court, Prison…Liberals Are In A Catastrophic Meltdown!

All through the Clintons’ illustrious political career, both Bill and Hillary have been involved in scandals and rumors of scandals. These of which have been fraught with much conjecture, especially since there has been a trail of dead bodies following them around like the slime trail of a slug.

The Clintons’ private money making machine, The Clinton Foundation, has suffered devastating financial losses. Because their donations have dried up, the foundation is now in the process of closing down.

What’s more, the Clintons should be facing prosecution for “numerous felonies” committed during their fundraising for Hillary’s presidential campaign. And of course, Hillary should already be facing prison for her heinous actions as Secretary of State, namely, Benghazi.

However, the indictments for illegal funding appear to be starting with former Congresswoman, Corrie Brown, Hillary’s personal friend and fundraiser.

From Mad World News:

Hillary’s fundraiser and close friend, former Congresswoman Corrie Brown, has pleaded guilty to fraud after being indicted for using charitable funds to benefit herself by funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the non-profit charity One Door for Education into her own pocket. If convicted on all 24 counts, she faces 357 years in prison and $4.8 million in fines.

As the FBI closes in on Brown, it also implicates the Clintons because she was a huge fundraiser, taking in cash to keep Hillary’s campaign going. Most Americans had given up on the FBI ever nailing Hillary and Bill, but then, all of a sudden, these charges surfaced…

Although many patriotic Americans have given up hope that Hillary and Bill will face prison time, it’s important to note that the wheels of government grind very slowly. We’ve had to wait for Barack Obama to leave and for Jeff Sessions to get through confirmation hearings.

The fact that Hillary and Bill have both gotten away with so much for so long makes this case against them so much sweeter in the minds of conservatives.

This could be a sign that the DC swamp might actually be getting drained. At least it will be cleansed of a few vermin, anyway!

Source: Mad World News

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