Hillary Mentally, Physically Ill? Latest Reports, Actions Reveal All

Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical health have been in question for a very long time, and it appears that her recent public appearances and speeches have Democrats wondering if she’s gone off the deep end!

Hillary Clinton speaks at Recode conference (Youtube screen grab)

Although Hillary sees herself as the leader of a resistance movement against Trump, many of her fellow Democrats aren’t happy about the idea of Hillary making another run for president in 2020, due to her declining health!

Recently, Hillary brought her physical and mental wellbeing into doubt when she did what was characterized as “grandstanding and finger-pointing,” stating the Democratic National Committee sabotaged her campaign. She claims that the DNC was too “inept” and “underfunded.”  Her coughing fits have increased, and to top it all off, she also wore a black beret in public, eerily reminiscent of the one Monica Lewinsky wore.

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The Daily Caller expounded:

Is Hillary Clinton on the verge of a meltdown?

On the heels of reports that many Democrats aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of her running for president again, the former First Lady last week launched a bizarre attack on the Democratic National Committee, suggesting that it had sabotaged her 2016 campaign by failing to set up a top-notch data operation to help her identify and track key voter groups, especially in the swing states.

Clinton claimed that the DNC data operation was so “inept” and “underfunded,” that she had to contribute her own campaign money just to keep it going.

It’s only the latest excuse that Clinton has invented to try to explain how she got beaten last fall, and it’s left many Democrats apoplectic.

And of course, let’s also discuss her latest antics while giving a commencement speech:

But Clinton’s comments and her public demeanor are beginning to raise eyebrows.

During her recent Wellesley commencement address she broke into a prolonged coughing fit much like previous ones that have raised concerns about the state of her health and her ability to survive the stresses of the presidency were she to be elected.

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And just as baffling was her dress.  Wearing a black beret, Clinton seemed to be channeling the ghost of Monica Lewinsky, the former white House intern whose affair with Bill Clinton led to his impeachment in the House, and which tarnished  the campaign of his chosen successor, Al Gore.

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Lewinsky was notorious for wearing a nearly identical black beret during her many appearances at campaign events where she often hugged the former president.


It is clearly evident that her mental and physical capacities are decreasing rapidly. It is finally time for her to step away from the limelight and leave America alone!

Source: The Daily Caller

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