After Trump Win, Hillary Humiliated By Her Own…You Won’t Believe Who Defected From The Democrats!

It isn’t very often that a hardened Democrat sees the light and votes conscience over party. But when it happens, it’s a cause for celebration.

What this means is that one more liberal has had their eyes opened to the fact that liberal, democrat, socialist policy just doesn’t work in the long term and ends up causing more problems.

One such Democrat has made the Jump to Trump and he’s giving his reasons as to why he voted for the Republican.

From Mad World News:

Michael Reeb, a Pittsburgh area native, Air Force combat veteran, and a D.C. information technology consultant for a Fortune 25 company, has decided to lay it on the line when it comes to the questions from family and friends.

“Our nation is in the middle of a crisis. We are stuck at the crossroad of hometown humiliation, job fabrication, and cultural mutation,” Reeb began in a piece for Daily Signal as he explained his answer to those who question his decision to vote Trump in November.

“Trump proved to be different, and unpredictably so. Fate would have it that the very last person I would have predicted to show love for the common man would be one of the world’s richest men. A businessman who seems to have been hurt the least by our nation’s outsourcing has become a champion of the working class,” Reeb continued.

Reeb also explained that while Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton campaigned on the government fixing the problems that they caused initially with over taxation and regulations, Trump was actually in Pittsburgh building the bridges he said needed to be repaired.

President-elect Trump has demonstrated his intentions with real action and not just empty promises like the Obamas and the Clintons have.

Trump believes in America which is in stark contrast to Hillary’s “vote for me because it’s time for a woman president” propaganda.

It appeared to be all about her ego and her having the power for the sake of power itself, and we don’t need a demagogue, whether male or female.

Source: Mad World News

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