Hillary Commit Murder? Man Claiming To Locate All Of Clinton’s ‘Lost Emails’ Just Found Dead

Suspicious deaths seem to follow the Clintons. Most anyone who paid much attention since the early days of Bill’s presidency is aware of associates of Bill and Hillary dying under sometimes peculiar circumstances. In fact, this has happened so often that one could be forgiven for thinking that it’s more than just coincidence at work. The suspicions concerning these deaths dovetail nicely with accusations of corruption to generate a very unflattering and disquieting picture of this prominent couple.

We can now add one more death to this list of those who have in some way been connected to the Clintons. What many of these unfortunate souls who are no longer with us have in common is that it has been alleged that they possessed highly damaging information about Bill or Hillary, and that they passed on before that information could be passed on or made public.

Peter Smith is the latest name to be added to the list. While a suicide note was near his body, there are also those close to him who claim that he had found and was in possession of the emails belonging to Hillary which were supposedly lost and which allegedly contained information that is highly incriminating. So, the question is asked whether this really was a suicide or whether foul play was involved.

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“Chicago Tribune reports that 81-year-old Peter W. Smith killed himself in a Minnesota hotel and was found with a bag over his head. Even more shocking was the suicide note that cited ‘poor health’ and a $5 million life insurance policy that he said would soon expire.”

That’s very strange. Why would you rent a hotel room as a place to commit suicide? And why does the life insurance policy figure into this since policies don’t pay if the death is ruled a suicide?

The Tribune continues: “In June, the WSJ published its story on Smith’s efforts and reported that he considered former National Security Advisor Michael Fynn an ally. He reportedly shared with the Journal his discovery that two groups of Russian hackers, among others, claimed to have Clinton’s missing emails. [Source: IJ Review]”

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The reason these emails went “missing” is enough of a mystery. Now there is a dead body at least tangentially connected to them. And we have a possible connection with Russian hackers, a shadowy group that has appeared prominently in the news recently.

“As one would imagine, several theories have started to surface on social media – the most popular being that Smith was a too close to the truth. Of course, that at least makes sense. Congress and other forms of law enforcement have been trying to get those emails for years, and now that someone was getting close, they suddenly end their own life?

“After all, we know there is something incriminating in those emails – that’s why Hillary deleted them in the first place.”

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It is hypothesized that this man had somehow gotten hold of those emails and was on the verge of releasing them.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens in connection to the Clintons a bit too often. True, none of these deaths have been conclusively linked to either Bill or Hillary such that they have been charged with any wrongdoing. And it is also true that their opponents would love to find something that would finally land one or both of them in court facing criminal charges.

Yet it remains that being in close association with the Clintons or in possession of information they would prefer remain hidden can be very bad for one’s health.

Source: Mad World News

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