Hillary Busted For Spying! You Won’t Believe Who Her Target Was!

We’ve all heard the saying “there is no honor among thieves,” and there probably isn’t any honor among corrupt politicians, either. Trust is a luxury that self-centered, highly ambitious, and egotistical politicos cannot afford.

Corrupt politicians tend to spy on one another, looking over their shoulders and waiting for that knife-in-the-back moment when one of their “trusted” aides suddenly flips sides and…you know the rest. Then, of course, the blame goes on the aide and not the sinister politician who started all the corruption from the beginning.

And guess who is our perfect example of this in our story today! Hillary Clinton was apparently the sort who ruthlessly spied on her own campaign staff members! She actually read her staffers emails and then blamed everyone but herself for her loss to Barack Obama back in 2008. 

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Red State revealed:

In the new book “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes detail a situation in which Clinton “wanted an honest assessment of what had gone wrong” after her loss to Obama — so she scanned through her staffers’ emails to find answers.

The book reports that Clinton asked a trusted aide to access the campaign’s server and download all of the emails that were sent and received by top staffers working for her campaign.

“She believed her campaign had failed her — not the other way around — and she wanted ‘to see who was talking to who, who was leaking to who,’ said a source familiar with the operation,” Allen and Parnes reveal in the book.

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“Her political director, Guy Cecil, had talked with members of the media from his campaign account. Her chief strategist, Mark Penn, was a tyrant. And far too many of her minions had fought for turf and status rather than votes.”

Clinton blamed everyone else but herself for losing in 2008, just like she did in 2016. After she went through all of the emails, Clinton reportedly called for several meetings to evaluate what went wrong.

The staffers had no idea that Hillary had gone through all of their emails, either, while she apparently interrogated them.

“I was struck by how good of a sense she had before I walked in there of the problems that were going on,” one aide is quoted as saying.

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“The email review would be just one part of a months-long postmortem project conducted that summer, and it would have lasting results: Neither Penn nor Cecil would be invited back for the 2016 ‘no-drama-mantra,’” the book notes.

Evidently, Hillary is one of those micromanaging types that studies every bit of information right down to the smallest detail, looking for other’s betrayals or mistakes that she can blame her failures on! It probably wouldn’t occur to her to look in a mirror!

Source: Red State

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