Hillary Begs Donald To Not Publish This Incriminating Video Of Her On The Internet! Or Else…

If one were to get a request from Hillary Clinton that a piece of incriminating evidence not be publicized, one would naturally have to ask to which of the innumerable pieces of incriminating evidence she would be referring. Given the magnitude and multiplicity of her offenses, such a request from her must be very specific to get it right.

Then there is just the confidential stuff which, if released, would embarrass Mrs. Clinton while not necessarily implicating her in any specific crime. It’s the sort of stuff that would just make her look worse if that were even possible at this point.

The item she current wants kept from the public is a recording of her concession call to President Trump. All we know of it so far comes from the president’s comments. It sounds like we’re about to get the real thing.

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And this may happen very soon. Or so it would appear. “The Trump team is getting ready to release a video/audio of the concession call that Kellyanne Conway received from Huma Abedin at 2:30 am on Nov. 9th.”

Mrs. Clinton has managed to irritate the White House with her public comments that amount to a personal abdication of any responsibility for her loss. This comes as no surprise given her inflated view of herself bordering on an air of infallibility. If she had nothing to do with her loss, others must have inflicted in on her.

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“The White House has been very critical of Hillary Clinton lately as she reemerged to blame Russia, WikiLeaks and Comey for her defeat.” There’s the Russian angle again. And poor Mr. Comey couldn’t win no matter what he did. The Democrats believe he helped Trump, and the Republicans question whether he covered up evidence to help Hillary. Perhaps getting fired was a relief to him.

Hillary can’t keep her mouth shut about how she claims she was cheated out of the presidency, so it looks like we are going to get an insider’s view on what happened late on election eve. “Rumor has it she had an absolute meltdown crying on election night. That is why she would not face her supporters and sent Podesta instead. Well, they keep bringing up the loss, so I guess Trump is going to oblige them.”

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From The Hill: “President Trump’s director of social media on Tuesday said that he will release former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s concession phone call that was made after her defeat in the 2016 presidential election.”

This should be entertaining. Hillary has shot off her mouth enough that it would be nice to learn what she sounds like when she made her concession phone call to the president-elect. What do you think the odds are that she was sincere in what she said?

Source: Right Wing News

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