Months After Her Loss, Hillary Now Reveals Her 2018 Plans — WHOA!

I had to take a deep breath when I first read through this article.

I mean, what are you to think when Hillary details her future plans regarding any long-term intentions to run for president again. I mean, with a primary loss to Barack Obama and a general loss to Donald Trump, you would think that she would decide to retire and just leave America the heck alone!

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Emotions of pure elation ran its course when I first read that Hillary has no intention on running for office ever again. But then my heart sank when I read that she is going to be a significant factor in working to get the 2018 Election cycle back into the hands of Congressional Democrats.

From Western Journalism:

If Hillary Clinton meant what she said Thursday, there will be no “Hillary” campaign signs on America’s front lawns ever again.

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