High School Cheerleaders Prance Onto Field – Parents Shocked To See Their Sick Routine

With all the recent headaches surrounding sports, many parents are pulling their kids away from athletic activities and pushing them in a more academic direction.

From the disgraceful and disrespectful players and coaches in the NFL to the horribly damaging bribery, fraud and corruption in the NCAA basketball programs, American sports are becoming a blight on society.

Many of the girls in high schools and colleges who go out for cheerleading are led to believe they will be more popular if they make the squad, and their social lives will be better.

However, the pressure to succeed and to perform in a high-stress situation is so great that even the coaches themselves are overzealous to the point of fanaticism.

For example, have you heard of the now-fired cheerleading coach who forced young girls to do splits while pushing down on their legs and damaging their muscles and tendons?

Now, in Miami, at a high school where similar cheerleading pressure is put on students, parents were treated to a shocking display:

The entire cheerleading squad emerged onto the football field dressed in what can only be described as cheap French prostitution burlesque outfits!

MAD World News:

“A high school cheerleading video is going viral on social media. When you see it, you’ll immediately understand what all the fuss is about.

A squad of cheerleaders from a high school in Miami can be seen strutting out onto a football field, and parents were appalled as soon as they noticed what the young girls were wearing.

Any parent worth their salt wants to preserve the innocence of their children for as long as possible, but that is growing increasingly difficult as time passes and our secular society oversexualizes young girls.

Case in point: the uniforms worn by cheerleaders from a high school in Miami, Florida.

Stunning video has been released of high school cheerleaders performing in, what appears to be, lingerie.

The teen cheerleaders, who are reportedly from a Miami high school, are seen clad in lingerie-like outfits, boots and garters as they do their sexy dance routine.

The girls use a fan to fan their faces, and hold travel bags, as part of the routine.

The vast majority of these girls are likely underage, having yet to graduate high school. At most, some may be seniors of eighteen years old.

However, it’s much more likely that they are minors, and some could be as young as 13. Viewers were understandably appalled by the disturbing footage.”

Is it any wonder that the homeschooling community is growing at an alarming rate, even in Orwellian states where the government is oppressive toward homeschooling parents to the point of obsession…?

If this is the mark of a good education, I shiver to think what a poor education looks like.

More than likely, this was approved by a degenerate cheerleading coach of adult age who thought (wrongly) that this would be a cutting-edge way to introduce the team.

Typical Liberalism:  Take the children at an early age and corrupt them.

Source: MAD World News

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