WHOA! He’s Back…What Fresh Hell Will He Bring On President Trump?

Guess who’s back, America?

And he’s here to stay for a while. 

Perhaps even Barack Obama can only stand so many months of luxurious vacations out of the spotlight before the urge to agitate for left-wing causes becomes unbearable. He is relaunching his public career in Chicago, near the location of his future presidential library and museum. It’s probably an appropriate place given his early days in politics as a community organizer and agitator.

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So it is with regret that we inform you that Mr. Obama is back. His agenda is clear: to organize and train the next generation of left-wing political operatives. Given his ties to George Soros, it’s unlikely that he will lack funding.

One of his spokesmen outlined his goal. “This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world.”

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Part of that is actually encouraging, and that’s the part about working in “the world.” Terrific. He can go foul up some other people’s countries and leave ours alone, having done far too much damage here already.

Here is his schedule after his Chicago speech today:

The speech will be the beginning of a series of public appearances that the former chief executive will make over the next few months.

In early May, he will travel to Boston to receive the Profile in Courage Award at the John F. Kennedy Library.

Later that month, he is slated to make paid and unpaid speeches throughout Europe.

On May 27, Obama will deliver a speech at Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He addressed a crowd of hundreds of thousands in Berlin during his first presidential run in 2008.

While Obama has, by-in-large, followed the unwritten rule of former presidents of not wading in the political fray, particularly right after leaving office, there have been a few exceptions.

In late January, Obama expressed pride in Americans who came out in protest of President Donald Trump’s temporary travel and immigration ban.

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While he claims he will not criticize his successor by name, no doubt he will find plenty of ways to make his point.

The question is: how many will be listening?

Source: Western Journalism

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