He’s Back! And He’s Setting Up A Secret, Private Meeting In Washington, D.C. With Pelosi To…

It’s very clear that people such as the Clintons have little if any life outside of politics. They give the impression that they believe they were bred for ruling over others, and when they are deprived of the opportunity to do so, they are lost. Perhaps they don’t believe there are any others as deserving of power as are they. Whatever the reason, they are not only arrogant, but are insufferable bores.

Don’t look now, but some of the old gang that was turned out of office as a result of the November election as well as a few who cling to power desperately are back for a get-together in Washington, D.C. Our Republic is never safe when these people are meeting and conjuring up what mischief they can do to the Constitution and the freedoms we enjoy.

Mr. Obama is back in D.C. with plans to hold a private meeting for various operatives headlining Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi at a private home. Clearly, he has no intention of fading from the political scene, regardless of how decimated his legacy has become. No doubt infuriated with what President Trump has done to that legacy, we can be sure that he has an agenda to damage his successor to the greatest degree possible. That said, it’s a bit interesting how all this was uncovered.

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“Barack Obama was caught sneaking back into the United States via Alaska, and he is hellbent on getting to Washington, D.C., for a secret meeting that was just uncovered. Reports have confirmed that Eric Holder, the former lawless Attorney General, needs Obama at this clandestine meeting, and it’s all about President Donald Trump.”

That’s all very strange, and begs a number of questions, but the main one is what is the purpose of this meeting?

“Obama made the big mistake of trying to sneak back into the United States by way of Alaska, where a woman thrust her baby into his arms, and she snapped a pic. That pic made it onto the internet and alerted the Trump camp that Obama was coming back, and now, they know why.”

We’re not sure about all this “sneaking back” routine since traveling to his home in Washington, D.C seems a very unremarkable event. However, this still remains a peculiar story, and we’ve come this far so we’ll bite: What’s this all about?

“Since the jig was up, Obama’s people went to CNN to make an announcement. ‘Obama will headline the fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) at a private home in Washington that will also be attended by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and will be hosted by former Attorney General Eric Holder,’ CNN reported Monday.”

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Regardless of the alleged reasons for Mr. Obama’s apparently circuitous route in getting to Washington, D.C., what’s the big deal?

“After further investigation, it is quite a big deal. In fact, this blown secret meeting is the beginning of the former Obama administration’s plot to defeat Trump in 2020. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is what Obama confessed in the past is his main focus, his number one priority.

“In October 2016, Obama identified the NDRC as his primary political focus following his final term in office. ‘Where he will be most politically engaged will be at the state legislative level, with an eye on redistricting after 2020,’ White House political director David Simas told Politico.”

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Well, at least the purpose of the meeting makes sense. The idea is to play with the boundaries in the states in order to get the right “mix” of voters in each district in order to stop President Trump from winning in the Electoral College in 2020. “Gerrymandering” is the term.

For humor, we can read the propaganda released by an Obama spokesman: “‘Restoring fairness to our democracy by advocating for fairer, more inclusive district maps around the country is a priority for [now-former] President Obama,’ said Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president. According to CNN, the event ‘marks Obama’s first foray back into politics since departing the White House on January 20.'”

None of this comes as any surprise to President Trump or his team. In fact, they would have to be utter political buffoons not to expect this. And if Donald Trump is as proactive as he has proven to be, he already has his people working on this.

Mr. Obama has a jumbo-sized ego, so of course he is going to attempt to achieve a larger-than-life image. This is not to say he is without influence or should be ignored. But let’s not panic just yet. After all, Barack fought to beat Donald Trump, and look where we are at now!

Source: Mad World News

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