Scorch! Herman Cain Obliterates Obama…Sends Out Shockwaves With One Sentence!

As the time to transition into a Trump administration draws near, it is obvious that president Obama isn’t going away quietly, despite the fact that America spoke loud and clear that a continuation of Democrat policies are not what the majority of voters want.

Indeed, president Obama is looking to cause as much turmoil for Trump as he possibly can and former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, expressed some critical remarks about how Obama is handling the transition.

Enjoy the video of Cain’s remarks:

From Conservative Tribune:

Popular Republican figure Herman Cain spoke with Fox News hosts Thursday and called President Barack Obama out on what he perceived to be obstructive behavior.

“President Obama is being hurtful,” Cain said. “He is not being helpful. Secondly, he is already trying to position himself as a spoiler during the Trump administration.”

“We have a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald J. Trump,” he said.

“George W. Bush set the example. He said ‘I’m gonna shut up, get out of sight, and let the new president be president,’” Cain explained. “This president isn’t doing it during the transition, and he’s probably not going to do it after President-elect Trump takes office.”

Since the Democrats suffered such a sound defeat in the election, the party is in disarray and looking for a new leader Democrat voters can get behind but Obama is a short timer and, at the moment, he’s all they’ve got.

If Obama had any integrity at all, he would admit defeat, shut up and wait for the transition to Trump, but his ego will not let him do it.

He’s going to continue digging the hole deeper until there’s no way to get out of it, peacefully!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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