He’ll Be Subpoenaed If He Refuses To Testify Before Congress — It’s About Time

With all of the questions still up in the air about who made what determination on what date about whom, we may never really know what happened to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server when she was trafficking in highly sensitive government data without proper security.

When Comey first drafted a letter in April of last year, it came a full two weeks after President Barack Hussein Obama had already gone on national television to proclaim that she was innocent of charges because, despite being “careless with sensitive confidential materials,” Hillary had not “intended” on harming the United States’ national interests.

Despite the fact that whether or not she “intended” on doing so, it wouldn’t matter a whole hill of beans. The fact is that she broke the law, regardless of what she intended. But the Establishment GOP has been hot on Comey’s tail about this letter and now they are interested in why he exonerated Hillary in the exact same words as the president, before he even questioned any witnesses. Now, he’ll have to testify under oath to Congress!

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Fox News:

Sen. Lindsey Graham threatened Thursday to subpoena James Comey, in the latest escalation in Republicans’ effort to haul back the former FBI director to Capitol Hill so he can address alleged discrepancies in his testimony about the Hillary Clinton email case.

“He’s coming one way or the other,” Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

Asked if he would subpoena Comey should he not testify voluntarily, Graham said: “I would, yes.”

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Comey is back under the congressional microscope after details emerged of interviews with FBI staffers suggesting the former bureau boss drafted an exoneration statement for Clinton weeks before interviewing her and ultimately recommending against charges in the email case.

Comey has not publicly addressed the claims, but they would appear to be at odds with some of his statements to Congress – and the notion that he could have drafted such a statement before the case was closed has fueled Republicans complaints all the way up to the White House about the handling of the investigation last year.

I can’t make sense of this,” Graham said. “I’m very suspicious of the timing. I’m very suspicious of the reason.”

He added, “There is so much to be determined here. Comey needs to come back. What was his real reason for clearing Hillary Clinton? Had he made up his mind before he even talked to her?”

Graham spoke to Fox News one day after it was revealed the Justice Department will not allow FBI staffers to talk to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  

This case is a lot more than just a rogue FBI director. This case is about a Secretary of State who broke the law, willingly. This is about a president who exonerated Hillary two weeks before on national television IN THE EXACT SAME WORDS THAT COMEY WOULD USE IN HIS LETTER TWO WEEKS LATER. And it is about an out-of-bounds Attorney General who threatened Comey to toe the line!

When added all together, this case stinks from the head down, with the head being Barack Hussein Obama. Hopefully if we start at the bottom with Comey, we will FINALLY get ourselves up to the top of all this deception – Hillary and Obama – and take them both down simultaneously!

Source: Fox News

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