Healthcare For Illegals Announcement ROCKS America…Proves California Is CRAZY!

Just when you think the looney left in California have gone about as far off the deep end as they can, they come back and surprise us, once again.

They’ve talked about creating themselves as a sanctuary state. They have discussed seceding from the United States. But this latest idea is blowing everyone away!

Since President Trump has been busy working to undo the bureaucratic mess that is Obamacare, California Democrats have proposed a bill similar to this unfeasible nightmare as it’s state healthcare law.

California is attempting to undertake something even the U.S. government couldn’t successfully do: run its own healthcare.

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The bill, called the “Healthy California Act,” would give the state government the authority to take over paying for everything including “private” doctors, nurses, pharmacists and insurance. The single-payer option.

In 2008, California’s Liberal legislature passed a similar Bill but the Republican state governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, vetoed it.

Without giving very many details and with plans to “flesh it out later”, it has been referred to as a “placeholder bill” that, much like the Affordable Care Act promoted by the idiotic Pelosi gang, everyone will just have to pass it to find out what is in it. Naturally, liberals believe that healthcare is a “universal right.”

And another huge downside is that the plan would include the estimated 2.3 million undocumented immigrants that have flooded into the “Sanctuary State.”

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The LA Times reported:

Previous proposals in California suggested financing the agency by pooling the state’s current funding for Medicaid, Medicare and other health programs and then taxing employees 4% of their income and employers 7% of payroll.

But a 2008 report from California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office found that even with a tax on Californians and the state’s pooled healthcare funds, the state would still be short more than $40 billion in the first full year of single-payer implementation.

“Where were they going to come up with the $40 billion?” said Micah Weinberg, president of the Economic Institute at the Bay Area Council. “It’s just not feasible to do as a state.”

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California is already in the red for all of the money they blew on illegal immigrants. Funds that may have been purposed and selected for other needs – like for the legal residents of California and the United States!

And why in the world would they think that a disastrous plan like the Affordable Care Act would help a state that is on the verge of bankruptcy, time and time again.

Seems to me, California should be a little more cooperative with the free market and a little less defiant!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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