Muslim Shooter Kills Five, Pleads Insanity — Guess What Happens Next

It’s tragic, and it gives no pleasure to make this observation, but there seems to be a culture of death that surrounds a significant number of those who claim to practice the Muslim faith.

Yet when you see news of another Muslim who went on a shooting spree, or a report of some violent terrorism committed as act of Islamic jihad, the unpleasant connection is bound to be made.

A Muslim man accused of murdering five innocent persons served justice on himself while in jail awaiting a hearing to determine if he was mentally competent to stand trial. He was trying to cop an insanity plea, but he didn’t allow things to get that far. The murderer hanged himself in his cell.

The man in question was “Arcan Cetin, the Turkish Muslim man who shot and killed 5 at a mall in Burlington.”

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At this point, “the case is under investigation with the assumption that Cetin killed himself. However, there is a small possibility that the Muslim man was killed by a fellow inmate.”

Either way, the taxpayers will not have to be burdened with caring for a man in prison for the rest of his life who so violently ended the lives of five innocent victims. It seems as though he carried out appropriate justice himself.

The other interesting thing about this case is that the media, always eager to avoid connecting any violence with Islam no matter how obvious, tried to identify this killer as a Hispanic. So much for the left’s alleged concern for Hispanics in America. Anyway, that didn’t work.

“For those who don’t remember, Cetin is the killer who the leftist media tried to play off as ‘Hispanic.’ Unfortunately for them, they were later forced to withdraw their comments and admit that he was, in fact, a Muslim immigrant from Turkey.”

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The truth is a great thing to pursue. And the tragic truth is that militant Islam is dedicated to establishing a world-wide caliphate, through violence if necessary. This would not be a world filled with liberal tolerance for all beliefs, but just the opposite.

“It’s time for people to stop making excuses – and anyone who does will have blood on their hands for playing their part in whatever happens next.”

And by the way, go try and tell the families of those who were murdered by this man that open immigration from nations filled with Islamic terrorists is a good thing. Want to guess their reply?

Source: Mad World News

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