Border Patrol Makes Spine Chilling Discovery! You Won’t Believe What They Find Inside This Greeting Card!

The ingenuity of drug traffickers is amazing. It would have to be so in order for them to get get their illicit products past the extensive law-enforcement agencies we have.

And it’s not just drug trafficking that the border control agents must concern themselves with. Intercepting human trafficking and attempts by illegals to enter the country are part of their responsibility as well. It’s a job that deserves our utmost in appreciation as opposed to the obstruction of their efforts that was standard fare during the Obama administration.

And we just got a sample of their excellent work. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents identified a suspicious greeting card and determined that there was heroin contained in the card.

“The international air parcel was en route from the Netherlands to Washington, D.C., when CBP officers intercepted it. Inside the parcel, about $500 worth of heroin was found in a sealed bag between two pieces of cardboard.”

We’re not told exactly how CBP officers determined that parcel was suspicious, but perhaps that’s just as well. No reason to reveal your methods to your opponents.

A CBP spokesman explains: “This heroin interception is another example of how Customs and Border Protection officers exercise vigilance to deftly uncover creative narcotics concealment methods. CBP officers’ border enforcement mission and inspections expertise helps to keep our communities safe.”

Image result for border patrol screening cardsLest anyone think this sort of thing is unusual, “[o]n its website, ‘A Typical Day in Fiscal Year 2016,’ the CBP reports that in addition to seizing more than 7,900 pounds of illicit drugs and $289,000 in undeclared or illicit currency, officers identify 877 individuals with national security concerns, per ‘typical’ day.”

If that’s a “typical” day, we have some very busy people working at the CBP.

These are people who deserve to be provided with whatever tools we can to help them accomplish their work. Which brings up the issue of Congress supporting our border patrol agents in any way in which they can. Anything they can do to show support to our border patrol will only further prove to anyone trying to smuggle anything or anybody into our country that we mean business.

Well done, border patrol! We are cheering you on!

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