They Caught Them! See Who’s Just Indicted For Marriage Fraud, GREEN CARD Weddings!

When two people get married, they are usually committed to a long term family type relationship with each other that begin with the words “I Do.”

The couple has dreams of a long future together building their lives around common interests, common goals, and most of all, love.  But in this day and age of discussions about illegal immigrants, border walls, border patrol agents, and deportations, the words “I Do” don’t necessarily mean “I Do.”

The new game the criminals are playing is marriage fraud for profit, where American citizens or legal residents temporarily marry illegal immigrants to give them a legal means to remain in the country. The feds just arrested 21 people for doing just that!


The Daily Caller has more:

Twenty-one individuals are facing charges for involvement in an alleged Miami marriage fraud operation that set up illegal immigrants with American spouses, court documents reveal.

The alleged operation paid American citizens or legal permanent residents to get into sham marriages with illegal immigrants. The defendants were indicted in federal court on May 30.

Larisa de Lima was the organizer of the operation, and allegedly worked with recruiters to find citizens and legal residents to enter into these marriages. The operation included false marriage licenses that would be used to give these immigrants legal status, according to the indictment.

De Lima and Almir de Lima also allegedly prepped their co-conspirators for interviews with immigration officials. The indictment states that at least three legal permanent residents were paid $5,000 for their involvement in marriages.

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It’s rather despicable what foreigners will do to stay here in the US. America has become the world’s sugar daddy and just like drug addicts, foreigners will fight us for what we have and they will take it away from Americans if they must. This is why America must stay strong, independent and ready to defend itself from invaders. We owe the world nothing! We give it to them out of our generosity but if we become weak, they will come and take it. We cannot let that happen!


Source: The Daily Caller

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