Assassination Attempt? Nation Is Floored, President In Grave Danger?

Ever since Donald Trump became president, the kooks are coming out of the woodwork, even crazier and more bold with their insanity than in past presidencies.

Of course, every US president has had his share of nuts climbing over the White House fence trying to get an audience with the POTUS. However, lately, it seems they’ve started to get a little more radical in their behavior, as if scaling the White House perimeter fence wasn’t already radical enough.

The latest unhinged person emptied his bank account, loaded his car with guns, ammunition, cell phones, and survival supplies and headed to Trump Hotel in Washington, DC. Why? Because he said he was “driving to see Trump.” It sounds like that could only mean one thing: to threaten, harm, and even assassinate the president!

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Right Wing News has more:

Donald Trump just had a huge scare on Wednesday, after a crazed doctor was arrested at the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington. Dr. Bryan Moles was armed with several firearms and said he was driving to see Trump. He also boasted that he had enough ammunition, supplies and cell phones to rival Timothy McVeigh “on a camping trip.”

Moles was armed with an assault rifle and a handgun when he was arrested, and faces charges of unlawful possession and transportation of a firearm. He had bragged to an acquaintance that he had brought ammunition, survival supplies and several cell phones for his trip to see Trump.

A Washington, D.C. superior court judge released Moles, provided he stays away from both the Trump Hotel and the White House. But he is due in court again on Friday and was forced to agree to temporarily relinquish access to weapons he has at his home in Pennsylvania.

Why in the world has this man been released? He is ill and probably still wants to attack the president!

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Moles is a Navy veteran with two children and is described in charging documents as having PTSD, as well as being a recovering alcoholic and marijuana addict. Before leaving to go on his trip, Moles called a friend and said he was “a refugee intent on bringing down big pharmacy and big business medicine.” It was then that he compared himself to two famous domestic terrorists, saying that his car looked like “Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph was going on a camping trip.” McVeigh was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 people, while Rudolph was the perpetrator behind the Olympic Park bombings, killing two people and injuring over 100 more.

After leaving the disturbing messages, an anonymous tipster contacted police and let them know of Moles’ intentions. Authorities tracked him down and found a safe with $10,000 in his hotel room, with Moles saying that he had cleaned out his bank accounts “in order to live the life he always wanted before it was too late.” The Secret Service, however, interviewed Moles and determined that he was not a threat.

This has to be a very frightening situation for Donald Trump, that this fellow was able to get as close as he did and no one knowing his full intentions. It’s a good thing he was rounded up before he could do any harm to himself or anyone else. He was definitely armed well enough to cause a whole lot of mayhem.

But the fact that he was released leaves us wondering if the Secret Service may have been a little lax with their scrutiny of the man they deemed not to be a threat. A person as well armed as he was is never not a threat to someone!

Source: Right Wing News

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