President Trump’s Grandchildren Happily Shock Secret Service! Guess How? They Were Caught Carrying…

Every once in a while you’ve got to take a break from the heavier side of the news to enjoy a story that just makes you feel good. And a lot of times, stories about kids can do just that, especially when they do something funny or cute.
As first daughter, Ivanka Trump and her kids receive around-the-clock protection from the Secret Service. Growing up in such an environment must be quite an experience for the children, especially as young as they are. So it’s fun to see how they react to all the attention.
While they’re too young to really understand what’s going on with the Secret Service protection, they aren’t too young to express kindness and appreciation which they just did by delivering cookies to the agents who were on duty protecting them.
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It was a fun gesture that speaks volumes about the children’s character as well as that of their parents.
“Arabella Kushner, 5, Joseph Kushner, 3, and Theodore, 1, are regularly seen out with the Trump daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, who both serve as advisers to the president, and a recent photograph showed just how much the Kushner family appreciates the new security detail.”
“Arabella and Joseph were photographed bringing a tray of treats to the agents on duty outside of the family’s Kalorama home — a gesture the kids appeared to be excited about. In fact, one of the photographs showed Joseph with a big grin on his face as he carried the tin tray to the agents assigned to protect the family’s home:”

This is a family that sets a great example of how to treat others, and is a welcome change from the behavior of various predecessors who shall go nameless so as not to spoil the story. “It’s great to see how the extended Trump family behaves when out of the public eye, and the fact that Jared, Ivanka and their children obviously appreciated those who protect them every day speaks volumes about their character and values.”

It’s nice to know you are appreciated, and we’re sure the Secret Service agents feel the same way.
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