In A STUNNING Turn Of Events, Guess Who Wants To Shut The Government Down?

If the plug gets pulled on the government, who will bear the most blame? President Trump? The Republicans? The Democrats?

The answer to that question would depend on why the funding would have ended, thus forcing the partial shut down of government operations.

Senate Minority Leader Schumer gives a feel for where the Democrats are on this issue: “‘We believe it would be inappropriate to insist on the inclusion of (wall) funding in a must-pass appropriations bill that is needed for the Republican majority in control of the Congress to avert a government shutdown so early in President Trump’s administration,’ said the letter, which was provided to The Associated Press.”

Long story short: If Republicans fund the border wall, Democrats will shut down the government. Another pathetic tactic by the far lefties.

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This has happened before as we know. The current discussion centers on a hypothetical situation where the Republicans would insert funding for President Trump’s border wall into a spending bill that would be considered a “must pass” in order to fund the ongoing expenses of the entire government. The Democrats would somehow manage to prevent this bill from passing out of Congress, and a sizeable part of the federal government would cease operations for lack of funding.

When you think about it, this is not a tactic that a big government aficionado would want to use very often. After all, if things were shut down too long, the electorate might figure out that the world has not ended and begin to question whether all those shuttered agencies are even needed. In any event, April 28 is the deadline for passing legislation to keep the federal government operating, and the drama is just beginning.

Both sides are clearly calculating the odds and trying to determine where the blame would fall, or could be made to fall, in the event of a government shut-down over border wall funding. The letter from Democrats implicitly threatens a filibuster showdown — and potential government shutdown — if Republicans try to attach controversial Trump agenda items to the must-do legislation…”

Keep in mind that even if there is a “shut-down,” it’s largely a non-event. Aircraft carriers are not pulled in port and abandoned. The FBI doesn’t cease operations. In fact, it’s sort of hard to tell, just by noticing, what actually would get closed down.

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Should there be a government shut-down over border wall funding, consider it just another political maneuver as opposed to some sort of catastrophe that will threaten the nation. The Democrats will claim that it is such a threat, and argue that the Republicans are engaging in all sorts of nefarious techniques to thwart “the will of the people”  – as if that ever mattered to Mr. Schumer beyond its usefulness as a vote-getting technique.

The Democrats need to be very careful about engaging in this tactic over something that has the level of support that the border wall does. Clearly, they wish to deny President Trump any victories possible. But, with Trump’s proven track record, the president will not be stopped by pouting liberals.

Source: Hot Air

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