Government Official Attacks Our President For Shaming Radical Islam — Donald Trump Has 4 Brutal Words For Her

The European Union is in disarray, its member nations are a shambles, and the nationalist parties are making huge strides in the individual governments, much to the chagrin of Brussels. Between EU leader Jean-Claude Juncker making overtures to the African continent, intimating that it really doesn’t matter what the member nations want, the EU will ensure that all of them fall in line with inviting, welcoming, and accepting African migrants into the organization.

With both France and Germany struggling to maintain their foothold in the leadership of the nations, Britain has been quietly backing away from the EU at a time the 28-nation organization can ill afford weakness. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of a broken British governing body and Parliament, is also finding it difficult to keep her head above water, as she weighs certain opinions as to the wisdom of a Brexit.

In the interim, she attempting to appeal to the moderates and Socialists of Britain by doing one of the only things that seems to get a rise out of the Left: She’s bashing Donald Trump. After our president re-tweeted videos from the group, Britain First, May struck out at the president saying it was “the wrong thing to do!” Trump, never one to hold back a punch, struck back at the Prime Minister, saying “Don’t focus on me!”

Conservative Tribune:

After President Donald Trump retweeted videos from a British anti-Islam activist last week that showed Muslims allegedly engaging in acts of violence, British Prime Minister Theresa May issued a statement slamming him for his “wrong” decision.

“I’m very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do,” she said, referencing the reportedly “far-right” political party whose member Trump retweeted, according to CNN.

“Britain First is a hateful organization,” she added. “It seeks to spread mistrust and division in our communities. It stands against common British decency.”

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Trump responded by dropping a tweet blasting May for focusing on his retweets instead of what he believes to be the real problem: radical Islamic terrorism.

As Conservative Tribune noted last week, Trump had a valid point: “(A) stunning report published Wednesday … revealed that ‘the number of people arrested for terrorism-linked offences (in the U.K.) rose by more than two-thirds to a record 379 in the 12 months to June — one of the most intense periods for terrorist attacks in recent history.’”

Of those 379 suspects, nearly a third were eventually charged with terrorism offenses, while nearly 18 percent still face further investigation.

Trump’s tweet at the British PM hit the nail on the head: Instead of obsessing over his tweets, May ought to be taking steps to reduce the influence of radical Islam on the U.K.s population.

But judging by the statistics cited by The Guardian, she clearly hasn’t been.

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I have been following Britain First for about a year now and overall, their biggest concern is not that Muslims are moving into Britain. Their biggest concern, like here in the US, is that they are not assimilating with British culture. Rather, they are creating larger and larger Muslim ghettoes that are referred to by Britain First members as “no-go zones,” meaning that White Christian Britons are specifically banned from walking in these neighborhoods. If they do, they will either be violently attacked, verbally harassed, or threatened.

The police almost always seem to side with the Muslims and despite that Britain First members are merely distributing pamphlets regarding statistical information (eagerly taken by passers-by, by the way) the Socialist and Moderate Members of Parliament and local government still regard Britain First as antagonistic “far-Right” radicals. If you have the time, I urge you to watch their videos before you trust the word of a prime minister who is in deep trouble with her own citizenry. Britain First videos are all over YouTube.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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