What Do A Goodwill Store, Islam, And An Arrest All Have In Common? It’s Not What You Think!

During his administration, former President Obama facilitated the immigration of thousands of potentially dangerous and violent Muslims into America under the assertion that they were peaceful, law abiding people who were victims of radical terrorism in their former home countries in the Middle East, such as Syria.

Obama lied!

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Not only are they not peaceful, law abiding people, they can only be described as the polar opposite of those descriptors and Obama was most likely aware of that when he petitioned for them to move here.

A prime example of how non-peaceful and non-law abiding the followers of the purported “religion of peace” truly are happened in an Indiana Goodwill store, of all places, when a Muslim man began assaulting a female store employee while yelling Allah Akbar.

According to Crowder:

“He violently grabbed her around the neck and just was punching and whatever he could to her,” she said. “A bunch of employees came out to keep him away from customers.”

It is believed that [Khalid] Bilal had beaten a female worker at the store and grabbed her by the throat prior to officers’ arrival. Bilal reportedly had become upset while attempting to convert the employee to Islam.

Bilal was later tased after charging another officer that arrived on scene. After the tasing, the officer was eventually able to corral Bilal into handcuffs. The suspect then began to kick the officer repeatedly with both legs, causing authorities to shackle his legs.

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American Christians can be excused for trying to reconcile in their minds the concept of a supposed “religion of peace” being anything but peaceful by running around screaming “Allah Akbar” at the top of their lungs and brandishing a knife big enough to gut a horse with which they use to threaten to behead anyone who refuses to convert post haste.

But as Crowder insisted:

Islam is just as bad as Christianity. To say otherwise makes you an intolerant Islamophobe who probably has a Jesus fish on their bumper. It’s a hate symbol. Pesky Methodists might invite you to a potluck. Requiring you make potato salad. Damn carbs and mayonnaise ruin everything. But an Islamist, they’ll accost you while you’re looking to bargain shop for busty romance paperbacks, then choke you out for not understanding their ways. At least you were spared the Jesus talk at that potluck! Where two or more are gathered in my name, there is a chance Bilal will rape or choke you.

Here’s a video comparing Islam with Christianity

Anybody with the intelligence above that of a cockroach knows there is no comparison!

Source: Louder with Crowder

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