HEARTWARMING: George H.W. Bush Graciously Gives THIS Inauguration Token…And Donald Trump Is THRILLED!

The Bushes have often given conservatives fits. That’s because it has never been entirely clear that they have been totally committed to the conservative cause. There’s good reason for this.

George H. W. Bush created great suspicion among conservatives with his “New World Order” speech. He had to know what impact that remark would have. That the phrase continues to be loved by globalists and reviled by conservatives is testimony to the staying power of strong ideas. Precisely what Mr. Bush truly meant by that may remain a mystery, but it is no mystery what it means to globalists such as Soros, Obama, and the Clintons.

During the campaign, there was much questioning by those on the right of Jeb’s conservative bona fides.  As with his brother George, there was always the gnawing feeling that he might be a little too quick to abandon the conservative cause in order to strike compromises. All of this aside, their father recently wrote a very gracious letter to Donald Trump.

George H. W. Bush is in failing health which is not surprising given his advanced age. What might be surprising is the graciousness he extended to Donald Trump in his letter declining to attend the inauguration. One part of it read, “’My doctor says if I sit outside in January, it likely will put me six feet under. Same for Barbara,’ Bush wrote. ‘So I guess we’re stuck in Texas.’”

Here it is:

Whatever differences the two may have had over the acrimonious relationship that existed between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush during the presidential primary campaign, the elder Bush’s letter shows class, graciousness, and dignity.

Contrast this with the petty and self-absorbed Barack Obama. He does not seem to have a gracious bone in his body. Not only is he utterly lacking in class, but his attempts to sabotage the man who will succeed him, a man he never even ran against, displays to everyone what a small individual Mr. Obama is. He is clearly happy to put his ego above the best interests of the nation. Not only did he fail as president, but he’s about to become a failure as an ex-president. A man without a legacy, he is indeed pitiful.

Not so with George Bush. Even though his son Jeb fought a nasty battle with Trump for the Republican nomination, he has handled matters with dignity and grace.

It is a credit to his family.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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