As Judges Reject Trump’s Ban, Iraqi General Reveals ISIS’ HORRIFYING Secret Horde Of…This Is FRIGHTENING!

There should not be any question of the government’s power to restrict foreign nationals from entering the United States. Admission of non-citizens into a country is a privilege extended or withdrawn by the host country, not a right that any non-citizen possesses.

In the meantime, it would be absurd to think that groups like ISIS are going to wait around to see what the US government finally does in this matter. It is clear from what the leaders of terrorist groups say that they wish to commit acts of terror in the US. It is without a doubt a testimony to the effectiveness of our various investigative and law enforcement bodies that their success has been largely restrained.

Yet, these groups are persistent, and evidence just discovered demonstrates just how persistent they are.

So intense is the contempt in which President Trump is held within liberal circles that these people are eager to sabotage his efforts even if in so doing they potentially endanger the country. This can be seen in the attacks on his immigration policies, and specifically the temporary travel ban that is now tied up in the courts.

Here’s the sort of danger to which the actions of these leftists is exposing us: “According to The Daily Caller, ‘An Iraqi general found nearly 20 blank Iraqi passports in an abandoned Islamic State safe house in Mosul, which he believes fighters are forging in order to flee the ongoing assault by the Iraqi Security Forces.'”

Perfect. ISIS terrorists can now create what look like legitimate passports to gain entry into nations such at the United States. It will be naive to think that this is just the one isolated case of such planning.

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Identifying those who are fighting President Trump’s efforts to secure the borders as the individuals responsible for any future terrorist attacks will do the victims of those attacks no good at all. And they would never acknowledge their responsibility anyway.

For the courts to block President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from seven countries is to engage in partisan politics, not responsible jurisprudence. And it makes the nation less safe. How this litigation will finally play out is in doubt. It appears now that the case might well be headed for the Supreme Court, should that court be willing to hear it.

How the court would rule is up for grabs, as that might in part depend on when the case is heard as relates to if and when Judge Gorsuch is seated as the justice to fill the vacancy that exists. In other words, what should be a simple, straightforward matter has been turned into a chaotic mess.

Yet, we know, and you know the danger to which these individuals and leftist groups are subjecting the people of America. It’s disgraceful, and until President Trump gets the cooperation he needs and deserves, those on the left promoting reckless immigration and travel policies need to be regularly identified and called out for their reprehensible behavior.

Source: Mad World News

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