Border Patrol Agents’ Hair-Raising Discovery Found In Gas Tank Of Bus

Border smugglers, in their constant efforts to thwart the work of border patrol agents, come up with some very ingenious methods for hiding their illicit cargo. It almost makes you wonder what good these criminals might be able to do if they devoted their energies to legal pursuits rather than lives of crime. No doubt the the lure of the big money from successful smuggling is just to much for them to resist.

Nevertheless, their efforts sometimes end in spectacular failures, as those who work in Customs and Border Patrol are not without resources. In fact, some of the methods they use in catching these criminals are astonishing, as are the tools available at their disposable.

It’s hard to think of an animal that is more helpful to humans in as many was as are dogs. When it comes to law enforcement, that nose is a very powerful tool. This was just demonstrated when a border patrol canine discovered that a commercial bus had a gas tank with 200 pounds of cocaine hidden in it.

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A cache of dangerous drugs this valuable should give every one of us pause. And how that animal could sniff out the cocaine in such an environment boggles the mind. But the job got done.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized over $3.2 million in cocaine and methamphetamine hidden inside a gas tank of a commercial bus at the San Isidro, California, port of entry.

“The seizure occurred on Sunday evening after a CBP canine team gave a positive alert on a commercial bus that was awaiting inspection, according to a U.S. CBP press release issued Tuesday night.”

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That’s just amazing.

“CBP officers noticed anomalies in the gas tank and then pulled 98 packages from inside it. Forty-eight of the packages contained 200 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of more than $3 million. An additional 50 packages contained methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $182,000.

“The driver was arrested and turned over to the custody of Homeland Security investigation agents for further processing. CBP officers put an immigration hold on the man so after he is processed judicially he will be returned to DHS custody.”

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Apparently it is rather routine for these highly trained dogs to find drugs. It’s been said that some breeds of dogs have a sense of smell that is one million times more sensitive than that of humans. Whatever the case, their service is invaluable.

Let’s hope they have a great meal waiting for them after a day’s work keeping dangerous drugs out of our nation, a mission they have no idea they are supporting.

Source: Daily Caller

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