New York Public School Bowing Down To Islam! Entirely Under Sharia Law — Full Surrender!

Is it possible that the entire so-called separation of church and state issue has not been about that, but has rather been a move to separate Christianity and State?

What other conclusion would you draw from liberal support of Islam in the public schools coupled with the obvious prohibitions against the expression of the Christian faith? It’s become all too obvious that there is a double-standard at work here, and there must be a reason for it.

New York public schools now offer prayer rooms for their Muslim students. We are unaware of similar accommodations for Christian students who can get into trouble just for carrying a Bible around with them or for putting book covers over their textbooks that contain verses from the Bible.

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“It’s currently Ramadan, one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is marked by fasting throughout the entire month, as well as regular prayers throughout the day. One public high school has turned two unused rooms into prayer rooms for Muslim students — a reasonable accommodation, to be sure. But what has eyebrows raised is that an atheist group has no objections.”

It is just these sorts of atheist groups that throw a fit, make complaints, and file lawsuits if such accommodations are made for Christians.

“Shenendehowa High School in New York state invited an imam to meet with principal Donald Flynt, so the school could learn about Islam, and after the meeting, arranged for the two vacant rooms to be opened and used as prayer rooms during Ramadan, which runs from May 27th through June 24th this year. ‘[Ramadan is] a month long and there are certain obligations that must be done in addition to praying,’ school district spokeswoman Kelly DeFeciani said. ‘Principal Flynt wanted those students who observe Ramadan to be able to stay in school and also fulfill their religious obligations.’ The rooms will also not be limited to any one specific faith.”

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This might sound very open and accommodating, but, as the article points out, let’s see what would happen if Catholic students wished to take time during the school day to gather to pray the Rosary during Lent, for example.

An atheist group has no problems with this.

“Interestingly, a spokesperson for the Freedom from Religion Foundation — which frequently protests when Christianity is accommodated in schools or workplaces — said that there was nothing wrong with the school’s decision. ‘Our first impression is that this is a reasonable accommodation,’ Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president and co-founder of the atheist group, said.”

It’s situations like these that betray the true objectives and agendas of these groups. They might not be especially fond of Islam or Judaism, but they absolutely detest Christianity. With support for Islam currently in vogue among much of the left, even if they don’t believe its teachings, preferential treatment such as what we see here is to be expected.

The double-standard needs to be firmly pointed out by those of the Christian faith.

Source: Right Wing News

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